17 Dogs That Are Straight Up Better Than You

Let’s just face it, dogs are just better than humans at certain things - even certain human tasks! Check out these talented pups and treat yours to the best treats and food at Target.

1. Better at getting pampered:

3. Better at dunking:

4. Better at back scratches:

5. Better at balancing:

6. Better at jamming out:

7. Better at creating masterpieces:

8. Better at flirting:

10. Better at dolphin surfing:

11. Better at exercising with friends:

12. Better at traveling in comfort:

13. Better at sorting the laundry:

14. Better at dancing the cha-cha-cha:

15. Better at dining etiquette:

16. Better at handstands:

17. Better at being awesome co-pilots:

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