11 Times That Manscaping Went Too Far

Step away from the razor. Unless you know how to use it. Take your manscaping to the next level with Target’s incredible selection of men’s grooming and shaving products.

1. As a declaration of true love.

prinsass17 / Via instagram.com

O’ cupid, hast thine arrow pierced mine jungle-like chest hair?

2. As impromptu formalwear.

keeptickin / Via instagram.com

I mean I guess you’re technically dressed in black tie, but come on, dude…

3. As a way to show your team spirit when you left your jersey in the wash.

gregceravolo3 / Via instagram.com

Smells like team spirit. And ballpark nacho cheese.

4. As a beacon of your undying patriotism.

dudeitsalexkim / Via instagram.com


5. As a subtle hint to your secret super-identity.

gammaman / Via Flickr: gammaman

Nothing says “billionaire playboy vigilante” quite like some sweet, sweet razor burn.

6. As a substitute for hitting the gym.

ms_cutiekay / Via instagram.com

Faux physical fitness? Nailed it.

7. As a substitute cornfield for alien crop circles.

PYMCA/UIG / Via Getty Images


8. As an extra ‘stache when one lip-warmer isn’t enough.

instaqbert / Via instagram.com

“Oh yeah? My chest knew about that band before it was cool.”

9. As a reflection of your indecisive personality.

vanz / Via Flickr: vanz

We get it. You’re complex. Now put a dang shirt on.

10. As a makeshift swimsuit.

kicks_and_giggless / Via instagram.com

Winter can’t come soon enough.

11. Or as a way to add a few years to your age.

t_flloo / Via instagram.com


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