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The Emotional Stages Of Participating In A Secret Santa

Ho, ho, hope you like it?! Have no fear, Target has all the gifts to satisfy everyone, no matter whose name you drew out of the hat.

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The presents?! The secrecy?! This will be epic.

2. The "Leader Making Sure Everyone Is Following The Rules" Stage

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They want it to be successful, but YOU MUST STAY UNDER THE LIMIT.

3. The "It's Time To Draw Names!" Stage / Via

AKA the scariest two minutes that will determine your ENTIRE holiday season (kinda).

4. Leading to the "I Got Exactly Whom I Wanted" Stage / Via

Smooth sailing from here. Merry Christmas to you!

5. Or the "I Drew THE ONLY Person I Don't Know" Stage

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Who that works in what? No.

6. Thus begins the "Let's Go To Social Media For ALL The Answers" Stage / Via

Their relationship status, past jobs, literally anything for a gift idea.

7. Or the "Grilling Another Co-Worker For Suggestions Who Are No Help At All" Stage


Wow. Thanks. Thought we were in this together!

8. Or finally, the "Inconspicuously Trying To Force An Unlikely Friendship So You Can Find Out What They Like" Stage / Via

You're just trying to make sure their holiday wishes come true. Not awkward at all.

9. The "I'm Unable To Do Anything Until I Figure This Present Situation Out" Stage / Via

Think of it as procrastination with holiday cheer! That makes it better, right?

10. The "Do I Believe My Eyes? Did I Just Find The Ultimate Secret Santa Gift??" Stage


Also known as the moment of complete and utter relief.

11. The "Time To Exchange Gifts And Now I'm Second-Guessing My Gift" Stage


So many gifts. So many thoughts. They're all so good. Oh god, did you mess up?

12. The "Please, Please, PLEASE Like My Gift" Stage / Via

Big reveal. All eyes are on you.

13. Which leads to the "They Couldn't Be Happier With Your Perfect Gift" Stage


Congrats. You won the holidays.

14. Which finally leads to the "I DOMINATED Secret Santa This Year" Stage


Ain't no secret anymore!!