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Target Is Hosting A Live Halloween Fashion Show And It Has Literally Everything You Love

Halloween is upon us. Let us get (interactively) spooky, LIVE on Facebook!

Good! Because Target is live-streaming a Halloween fashion show that YOU can participate in, and BuzzFeed is hosting!

The event is hosted by Devin from Ladylike and Curly from Pero Like, so you already know it's gonna get wild.

And you'll be able to watch all the fun go down in real time where you can vote for your favorite costumes...

...participate in competitions...

...and check out all the Halloween essentials you could ever want!

(And honestly, everyone knows the Halloween section of Target is every horror lover's number one place to score cool stuff for their home year-round.)

Oh yeah, and there will be DOGS IN THEIR OWN LIL' COSTUMES THERE!!!!

There's also going to be a special CELEBRITY guest you won't wanna miss, but you'll have to tune in to find out who.

Sign up now to be a shoe-in to partake in all the fun on Oct. 1 with BuzzFeed and Target!