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10 Incredibly Fun Ways To Spread Some Holiday Cheer

The season's real joy comes from giving — but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it! For every game of Bullseye's Playground played, Target will donate $1 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

1. Build a snowman in the likeness of a friend.

2. Wrap your presents with white wrapping paper...

3. Make a Christmas toy with the kids.

Turn your home into Santa's Workshop and make a craft with the kids in your life! With all of the store-bought toys they're sure to get, making a toy is a special way to bond and create something they'll have forever. Here's one adorable idea!

4. Go caroling with your friends, karaoke-style.

It seems outdated, but there's really nothing like bringing the neighborhood back to the past with some good, old-fashioned caroling. Spruce it up by singing some post-'80s radio classics!

5. Turn your backyard into a winter wonderland.

String white lights around the bare trees and bushes, hang a special wreath, or make festive feeders to attract beautiful birds for a more private celebration of your home.

6. Include the pets!

Pets bring cheer to all! Let your adorable furry friend in on the fun by including them in your Christmas card, dressing them up for the party, or bringing them to the park dressed in their festive finest.

7. Volunteer with a big group of friends.

The more the merrier! Put aside a few hours for you and your friends to volunteer this holiday season. Whether it's at a soup kitchen or a fundraising event for a special cause, you will be making a difference (and having lots of fun too)!

8. Throw a throwback party at a nursing home.

9. Hand out cards with warm messages to others as you shop.

Instead of getting bristled by the big crowds doing their last-minute holiday shopping, see it as an opportunity to make someone's day. Print out some photo-sized cards with kind words on them, and hand them out saying, "Excuse me, I think you dropped this." When they see it's not an ad, a little bit of faith will be restored.

10. Go all out with decorations.

One of the most beloved hallmarks of the season — and the first to be missed when it's over — is a decorated home for all to enjoy. Putting some extra effort into making your home extravagant and special is sure to raise those festive spirits.

Play Bullseye's Playground now! For every game that's played, $1 is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!