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Decorate Your Stockings With Your Favorite Holiday Friends

This holiday, decorate your stockings with some of your own favorite holiday items, which can all found at your local Target.


Two 6-inch x 6-inch felt squares (assorted colors)

Permanent marker


Hot glue gun


Felt Christmas Stocking (Assorted Styles) - Wondershop™

Puff paint (Assorted Colors)

Original MantleClip® Pewter Stocking Holder 4ct


  1. Draw and cut felt squares into holiday-themed shapes.

  2. Hot glue Velcro to the back of the cut shapes. Let dry.

  3. Hot glue the other side of the Velcro to the stocking. Let dry.

  4. Velcro the cut shapes onto the stocking.

  5. Use puff paint to decorate the felt shapes and to write your name on the top of the stocking. Let dry.

  6. Use a stocking holder to hang the craft from your mantle.

  7. Swap the felt shapes with your friends’ and family’s stockings!