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10 Signs Your Dad Is Actually Cool

Some say he's a dork, but you know better. Don't forget to celebrate all his awesomeness this Father's Day, with help from Target.

1. He's the only guy in the world who can make wearing Crocs look cool.

2. He's got better dance moves than you.

And he's not afraid to use 'em.

3. He'll wear whatever he wants to, thank you very much.

4. Who wears short shorts? Your cool dad on his cool motorcycle wears cool short shorts.

5. He had a mustache and an insanely cool shirt before you did.

6. And he knew what you wanted to wear before you did.

7. He's comfortable with a little kidding around.

8. He helped you learn to fully embrace the great outdoors.

9. He can find any song's beat.

10. And he wants you in on all his favorite dad jokes.