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45 Gifts For 5 Kinds Of Dads

Still haven't figured out what to get for Pops this Father's Day? Here are a few ideas to consider, with even more to discover at Target.

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1. Power strips for emergencies. 2. Fully loaded tablet. 3. Chargeable electric razor. 4. A GoPro HERO to record his favorite moments. 5. A solar-powered charging backpack. 6. Smart watch to stay even more connected. 7. A trusty cell phone power pack. 8. And a smartphone to complete the package. 9. The BioLite CampStove to power his gadgets and cook his food at the same time.


1. Soothing aftershave for his sensitive skin. 2. Body pillow for snugglin'. 3. Framed inspirational quote posters. 4. Quill and ink to make every note meaningful. 5. "Thinking of You" cards. 6. Scrapbooks to organize his favorite moments. 7. A weekender bag so he can be with his babies at the drop of a hat. 8. Wholesale boxes of tissues. 9. The Notebook on DVD.


1. Zeppelin for luxuriously slow air travel. 2. Since there's no way he has it... a unicorn horn! 3. To complement his good taste, every good album ever made on vinyl. 4. Many leather-bound books. 5. A hover board. 6. Spaceship ticket. 7. An original Nintendo with cartridges that work 100% of the time. Rare, but worth it. 8. Since he obviously loves hovering and traveling in style, a hovercraft. 9. Nobel Peace Prize, just for kicks. 10. [Not pictured] Or just get him a Target gift card and let him find something he actually wants for himself.