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11 Ways To Thank A Teacher (Without Using An Apple)

An apple a day… only goes so far! Target thanks every teacher for all they do, which is why they’re on track to give $1 billion for education by the end of 2015!

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1. Create SUPER-simple bookmarks that'll delight any teacher who's a proud bookworm!

Whether they'll be used to mark lesson plans or save the place in a good book, you'll get an A for thank-you etiquette. Learn how here.

3. Get creative with some DIY bird feeders they can hang right outside their classroom window.

Whether it's a mesh bag feeder or a milk carton feeder, the teachers (and kids) are sure to make some new friends outside their window.

7. Customize magazine holders with chalkboard paint to create a pretty organizer for all those papers!

And the fact that they can be reused every year will make you the parent they NEVER forget.