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13 Stages Of Sending Your Kid Off To School For The First Time

Gold star for this day having all the emotions. And just like you, Target is doing everything they can to make sure all kids have what they need to start the school year off right. (By the end of 2015, they'll have given $1 billion to education!)

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1. You've been preparing yourself for their first day of school.

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2. First come the supplies...

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3. ...and making sure the pencils are good 'n' sharp.

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4. The perfect outfit is chosen.

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5. The morning of, you make the cutest breakfast possible.

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6. You take the obligatory — and very perfect — photo on the front porch.

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7. And... well... OK... you wave goodbye.

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9. You spend your day wondering how their day is going.

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10. And if they're enjoying it.

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11. But then the day is over! And there is SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

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12. The teacher has even left the nicest note.

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13. And you treasure this milestone (plus the many more to come).

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