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10 Innovative Ways Teachers Have Connected With Their Students

As technology progresses, education must also progress. Target recognizes the value of innovative educators, which is why they're on track to give $1 billion to education by the end of 2015.

1. The chemistry teacher who uses science to say "trick or treat!"

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2. The teacher who uses Blended Learning to help her students get the most out of Romeo and Juliet.

3. The teacher who uses rap music to teach his students about the wonders of mathematics.

Jake Scott, math teacher at Montgomery Blair High School, uses music to help his students learn. Scott produces songs and music video covers based off of popular rap artists like 50 Cent. He claims that music makes memorization a little easier for his students, thus encouraging learning.

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4. The scientist who knows “if you build it, they will come.”

5. The teacher who uses video games to teach his student important lessons.

6. The man who saw a need for social media in the classroom.

7. The teacher who believes in hands-on learning.

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8. The school that isn't afraid to have a little fun while learning.

9. The professor who believes in the benefits of collaborative learning.

10. The fifth-grade teacher who brought the outdoors inside for her students.