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16 Signs You Were Meant To Be A Teacher

Teachers play an incredibly important role in all of our lives. Target recognizes the value of innovative educators, which is why they're on track to give $1 billion to education by the end of 2015.

1. Organizing your school supplies before the first day of school was always a thrill.

2. Growing up, you had an extensive collection of World Almanacs.

3. When your parents taught you a lesson, you wanted to know what the homework was.

4. You've always known that lamination wields serious authority.

5. You love the smell of dry-erase markers.

6. You've always been an excellent listener.

7. You're good at herding cats.

8. You're incredibly persistent.

9. You can turn almost anything into a teachable moment.

10. You enjoy being the center of attention.

11. You're willing to do whatever it takes to get your point across.

12. You have a convincing "patient face" even when you aren't feeling patient.

13. You can multitask like nobody's business.

Every day throws a completely new set of physical and mental challenges your way.

14. You have a superhero-like ability to discern an individual voice in a crowd.

15. You have a special affinity for educational artwork.

16. The phrase, "With great power comes great responsibility" always had a special meaning for you.