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12 People You're Guaranteed To Meet Freshman Year

Odds are if you don't meet one, it's probably you. Make the most of your college experience and get everything you need to have your best year ever at Target.

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1. The Workaholic


HABITAT: The library, studying at a desk, or reading the nutrition facts on an energy drink.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Can you do that somewhere else?"

2. The Athlete


HABITAT: Working out at the gym, throwing a football in the cistern, or washing powerfully odorous laundry.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Bro + [grunting noises]."

3. The Party Tornado


HABITAT: Fraternity Row.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "I'm going to live forever!!"

4. The Creative / Via

HABITAT: Probably procrastinating somewhere.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "People just don't get it, y'know?"

5. The Loner / Via

HABITAT: The dorm room.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Can't. I've got some really important internetting to do."

6. The Film Buff


HABITAT: A coffee shop.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "blah blah blah trite something something utterly macabre."

7. The Engineer


HABITAT: In the hardware store.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Great news, dude. I just turned our living room into a disco water slide. Why are you yelling at me?"

8. The Pick-Up Artist


HABITAT: Wherever the action is.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Karen's coming over with some of her friends. Can you, umm, go somewhere?"

9. The Activist / Via

HABITAT: Jail. Just kidding... but, yeah, maybe.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Wake up sheeple! The government is feeding you lies."

10. The Outdoorsman / Via

HABITAT: On a fishing boat, or a mountain, or a canopy, or a lake. Anywhere off the grid.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Hey man, smell this deer urine. It's disgusting."

11. The Snapbookstagrammer

Sean Burpee / Via BuzzFeed

HABITAT: On Snapchat and Twitter and Instagram and Vine and...

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "Let's take a selfie."

12. The Explorer


HABITAT: Studying abroad someplace that looks really cool on Facebook.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: "The world is my college, dude."

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