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30 College Must-Haves That’ll Ensure A Productive And Fun Year

It's time to stock up on all your college essentials.

Let's be real: We all know that the best part about going back to school is the back-to-school shopping. There's nothing like moving all of those college essentials you've been adding to your wishlist over to your cart for checkout.

Target is filled with great finds and BuzzFeed creator Jazzmyne has the rundown on all of the best college essentials to take your college years to the next level. Here's a few of her picks and some extra that should definitely be on your list.

1. A retro mini fridge to keep a couple of yogurts and iced lattes at the ready in case you forgot to set your alarm the night before. You can quickly grab your perfectly chilled snacks out of the fridge on your way to class so you don't have to skip breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day.

the retro mini fridge that is red

2. Good & Gather unsweetened almond milk that'll last twice as long as regular milk, which will become a lifesaver in between off-campus trips to the grocery store.

the unsweetened almond milk

3. A Hamilton Beach electric kettle perfect for coffee or tea lovers to set the scene for a chill study session to cruise over your notes before tomorrow's quiz.

the electric kettle sitting on a counter next to a cup of tea

4. An Oster personal blender complete with a travel bottle so you can blend and go with ease. The parents will be so proud to hear you've been keeping up with your fruit and veggie intake.

5. Speaking of smoothies, consider adding a small amount of Good & Gather organic black chia seeds to fill your morning blend with fiber, iron, calcium, and other nutritious goodness.

the chia seeds

6. A 32" TCL Roku smart TV so you can stream all of your favorite shows during your downtime. It's small enough to fit on your dorm dresser or desk, leaving you with room to spare.

the smart tv

7. Or an Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K ultra HD to plug into a television you already own for the same streaming power.

the amazon fire tv stick

8. A pack of blueberries to add to your instant oatmeal or microwavable pancakes for an enhanced flavor.

9. A storage ottoman you can use as an extra space-saving solution that can also double as an end table or desk.

a black ottoman in a living room with a laptop and coffee tumbler on top

10. A surge protector so you don't blow out the entire dorm while trying to blow-dry your hair and charge your laptop at the same time.

the surge protector

11. A framed door mirror so you can take a quick glance at your #OOTD before heading to class. Dorm bathrooms can get pretty crowded and having your own mirror will cut down on bathroom time.

the door mirror in green on the back of a room door

12. A Nintendo Switch for solo or group gaming, a perfect indoor activity on rainy campus days when you can't go outside and play. It's also a fun way to de-stress after a hard day.

the nintendo switch in blue and red

13. An Apple iPad Pro, a splurgeworthy item that'll carry you through all four years of college. You can use it as a tablet or add a keyboard to use it as a laptop. You can stream your favorite shows, edit videos, illustrate, and more.

14. A small wireless printer for added convenience when you don't feel like walking all the way to the library to print your essay for English class, just to walk clear across the other side of the campus to turn it in. Plus, it's nice to have a printer nearby when inspiration strikes and you find yet another innovative way to make your traditional flash cards and study notes stand out.

the printer on a table

15. A poly cutting board and two-piece knife set to handle all your dorm room slicing needs. The knives also come with blade covers to help avoid accidents.

the cutting board with two knives on it and the knives come with blade covers

16. A PowerXL 5-quart single basket air fryer ready to become your dorm room kitchen must-have. You can easily make full course meals in under an hour, including frozen meals. It has a large basket so there's plenty of room to make enough for your roomies, too.

the air fryer on a counter next to recently air-fried chicken

17. A 10-foot braided lightning cable so you can still watch social media videos from your bed while your phone is charging from the outlet across the room.

the braiding lightning cable

18. Good & Gather organic maple syrup for a nutritious option to pour on your toaster waffles.

the organic maple syrup

19. A 12-pack of glass mason jars complete with lids and bands perfect for meal-prepping or making overnight oats. Who has time to think about food during midterms?

the pack of mason jars

20. A pair of high-rise skinny jeans that can be mixed and matched with pretty much everything in your closet, making them a college fashion staple.

21. A pound of strawberries for making your world famous strawberry lemonade for your study group while you ponder your latest philosophy assignment.

the package of strawberries

22. A ribbed tank, an everyday classic to add to your college wardrobe. You can sport it for runs through the quad or style it with a skirt, shorts, or your fave pair of denim jeans. It looks like a basic tank, but with the right accessories it can be easily dressed up.

the model wearing the racer back tank in mauve

23. A four-piece mixing bowl set because whether you're baking cookies for your student council meeting or popping popcorn for movie night with your new besties, there will come a time when you need a good bowl. And thankfully, they nest inside of each other, which gives you back some extra storage space.

the four nesting bowls with brown sugar in one of them and flower in the other as if someone is going to start baking

24. Revlon So Fierce chrome ink liquid eyeliner for an easy glide that'll make it that much easier to duplicate all those amazing makeup tutorials you've been watching on social media.

25. A reversible comforter that's lightweight and easy to wash and dry, which will come in handy when using the university laundry room. And since it's reversible, it's like having two comforters in one.

the reversible comforter in pink

26. A compact microwave to reheat leftovers that your folks bring over when they come to visit you on campus.

the compact microwave sitting on top of the mini fridge

27. A three-piece bath caddy set for carrying all of your bathroom essentials to and from the university showers. The razor holder can also be used to hold your bar of soap, depending on the size.

the three piece set in pink

28. A Beauty Bakerie eyeshadow palette with an array of vibrant colors because you may not have room in your dorm to fit your entire makeup collection. With a palette like this, there are a variety of colors that can make for numerous looks.

29. A The Lip Bar vegan matte liquid lipstick for an instant bold lip to keep in your backpack that'll easily take you from study group to off-campus karaoke night.

30. Plus this The Lip Bar vegan lipstick for if you're looking for more of a shine on your lips. It's bold in color but subtle enough for an everyday class look. Also a ~keep on hand~ beauty pick.

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