11 Things From Your Childhood Bed You Shouldn’t Take To College

Leaving the nest when you go to college is hard, but sometimes you just have to let go. Keep your childhood bed at home before you embarrass yourself. Let Target help you transition into a much cooler dorm life.

1. Your race car bed frame

Your feet must stick out from the end of this by now, right?

2. The same goes for your race car sheets

Steven & Courtney Johnson &… / Via Flickr: 26573031@N05

They are slightly impressive though.

3. AND your race car bed accoutrements

Lucy Crenshaw / Via Twitter: @lucythomley


4. That quilt your grandma knitted you

richie graham / Via Flickr: lincolnlog

Which conveniently has her face stitched onto it.

5. Your blankey

Kristin Thompson / Via Twitter: @kr1stinthompson

SOME blankies are definitely okay, but kitten blankies are questionable.

(Just kidding, they’re kind of awesome)

Signe Lauren Hanson / Via Twitter: @siggysweetie

6. Your lap desk

richky_raymond / Via instagram.com

This is fairly ingenious, but stop being so lazy.

7. The stuffed animal you’ve had forever

Andy Rennie / Via Flickr: 29712408@N02

Sorry buddy, this guy belongs in a safe spot, preferably somewhere at your parents’ house. In a closet. In a shoebox.

8. Your bedwetting mats

Sorry, no.

9. Your footed pajamas

laurenlash / Via instagram.com

Nope, sorry.

10. Your canopy

Rasmus Lerdorf / Via Flickr: 56053642@N00

Although this dude is having the time of his life.

11. Or your butterfly net

Chris Short / Via Flickr: 88478656@N00

Just wait until your roommate trips on this and rips it down while you’re sleeping. Not fun, guys.

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