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11 Things That Are Better Than A Valentine's Day Date

Consider this the short list. Celebrate yourself and all people that help you feel the love every day at Target!

1. A "galentine’s day" brunch with your besties.

2. Your pet bouncing up and down at the front door because they’re excited you’re home.

3. When your co-worker brings in “just because” doughnuts.

4. Wine, pizza, and your favorite movie on the couch.

5. Sending a letter to someone you care about out of the blue.

6. When you walk up to the coffee counter and your barista says, “The regular?”

7. Getting a funny picture text from your grandma.

8. Running to Target for one little thing and leaving with two throw pillows, a pair of jeans, candy, that cute cardigan that was finally on sale, a new set of sheets, and a bunch of seasonal decorations you can't live without.

9. When the outfit you planned in your head looks as good on you as you hoped it would.

10. Buying a bouquet of flowers for yourself on your way home from work.

11. When your parents tell you you're their favorite child. ;)

Celebrate all the people who make every day lovable this Valentine’s Day at Target!

All illustrations by Tyler Naugle for BuzzFeed© 2017