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16 New Gadgets From Target For Every Type Of Techie

Get them while they're hot. For these and more must-haves, head to Target!

1. For the multitasking techies, there's the convenient Flipstik Defy Gravity Cell Phone Stick & Stand.

2. For lovers of the minimalistic, there's the Nimble Disc Case for the 13 Pro iPhone.

Phone with clear case

3. For the techies who need to go the distances, there's the 1-meter long Nimble PowerKnit USB-A to Lightning Cable.

Long charging cable

4. For the techies who can't have too many chargers, there's the Nimble WALLY Mini Wall Charger.

5. And for techies on the go, there's the powerful Nimble CHAMP 10k PD Portable Charger in turquoise. It's compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and more, and can charge two items at the same time.

Phone charging on wooden table next to turquoise portable charger

6. For those techies who are also very stylish, there's the Nimble BACKSTAGE AirPod Pro Case in olive green.

Case for ipods

7. For the techies who like a unique at-home setup (or an office one) there's the heyday™ Keyboard in Dusk Blue.


8. And to make a set, they can pair it with the heyday™ bluetooth mouse, also available in Blue Dusk and Stone White.

Computer mouse

9. They can also snag the heyday™ Bluetooth Wireless Headset in Dusk Blue.

Wireless headset

10. For the techies who love sophisticated cases, there's this Botanical iPhone13 Pro case from heyday™:

Phone case with botanical motifs

11. Or this gorgeous Symmetry Series Case for the iPhone 13 Pro from OtterBox.

Phone case with floral motifs

12. For tropical, peachy vibes, they can snag this Otter + Pop Symmetry Case, for the iPhone 13 Pro:

Phone case with tropical and fruit motifs

13. And doesn't kiwi just brighten everyone's day? This MagSafe Symmetry Case from Otterbox, also for the iPhone 13 Pro, is pure joy.

Phone case with kiwi pattern

14. For total iridescence, there's this beauty for the iPhone 13 Pro Phone Case from Kate Spade:

15. Trendy techies might can add a punch of color and fun to their phone with a PopSocket in JawbreakerGloss!

A PopSocket with glossy tie-dye design

16. And align everything that needs it with the gorgeous Emamel Spinner Chakras PopSocket:

Emamel Spinner Chakras PopSocket
Target / Via www.target.com

Price: $21.99 (available in 3 colors)

When it comes to gadgets, Target has it all. Check out more new techie products and accessories today!