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Vaccination and tests needed for students traveling to Australia / New Zealand/ Canada or the USA

For students traveling to Australia/ New Zealand / Canada/ USA, the following medical tests & vaccinations are usually needed. Please remember to check the exact medical requirements from your University website, since these may vary.

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The information provided here is a guide, and you should discuss the same with your Travel Health Doctor or visit TravelSafe Clinic branches in Delhi, Mumbai or Chandigarh, India for detailed medical assessment and vaccination schedule.

Australia vaccination-serology-report

The above figure is a list of ‘generally recommended’ vaccinations and tests needed for students going abroad for higher studies to various developed countries.

In addition to these, various universities may ask for the following vaccinations.

Meningitis vaccine (Menactra, MCV 4)

Influenza – Swine Flu vaccination

Hepatitis A vaccination

HPV – Cervical Cancer Vaccination for girls

Some universities may ask for tests for


Hepatitis C

VDRL for syphilis as well

Important Point:

Always try to take an appointment at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your travel date, since you may need to get more than 1 dose of vaccines at a gap of 4 weeks, and may even blood tests whose reports can take a few days to arrive.

India does not have a lot of doctors experienced about various tests and vaccinations needed by students, for any specific question, consider contacting the Travel Health Experts at TravelSafe Clinics.

All the vaccines and the tests for Tuberculosis can be arranged at any of the branches of TravelSafe clinic, India, with prior appointment.

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