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Apparently Manchester's Outskirts Are Home To Elves And Christmas Folk Alike

Lapland isn't as far away as we thought...

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In the quiet, post-card picturesque town of Glossop, used to live a little elf in a dainty little elf's house...according to Right Move anyway!

Right Move/Simple Lettings and Sales, Glossop / Via

How magical!

Just as we're coming to the month of Christmas, this detached property with off street reindeer parking has appeared on Right Move.

And the description is bubbling with festive, merry well wishing cheer!

"This truly spectacular former 'Elf On the Shelf' Home will wow all your Christmas friends with its magic multiplying bedrooms and reception rooms...

...The rear elevation provides stunning views of the Winter Wonderland that is home to other Christmas Celebrities such as Mr & Mrs Clause and the Grinch. Boasting stable and allocated reindeer parking.

Viewing is required to fully appreciate the splendid glamour of this exclusive opportunity to own magic property in the most prestigious part of the festive world! ."

Right Move/Simple Lettings and Sales, Glossop / Via

If you've ever had the pleasure of heading over to Glossop, you'll be well aware of how picturesque the quaint little town, just below the whistling and winding Snakes Pass, can be!

Next door neighbor and guardian of the magnificent Peak District, this town and surrounding area is the perfect location for a Yule Time dream.

And value for money on this property is brilliant! Reindeer parking, magic appliances and self filling festive cupboards. Think of all the candy canes!

And of course, staying true Manchester's affordable living life, you can rent this property at the fair price of £550 pcm - a small price to pay for what would be 365 days of festive cheer and good will to all who come a-knockin'.

We can't guarantee you'll fit in and may need to be of an elvish size, but the photos make this detached property look incredibly spacious...and you never know, a Christmas miracle could help you squeeze in.

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