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    9 Powerful Beach Body Workouts

    Beach season is the best season! Follow these easy workouts you can do anywhere, and you’ll have the ultimate beach bod in no time.


    Practice tanning by lying in bed facedown for 20 minutes. Roll onto your back and lie there for another 20 minutes.

    Difficulty: Low (not accidentally falling asleep is the biggest challenge here)

    Reps: 2–10, depending on whether or not you doze off


    Place smoothie ingredients into blender, and do the bop-dance upon completion.
    Difficulty: Moderate

    Reps: 1–2, depending on smoothie refills needed


    Sitting with your fresh smoothie in hand, lean forward to take a sip.

    Difficulty: Max lax

    Reps: 10–15, depending on how many sips it takes to finish smoothie


    Run after the ice cream man. Hurry he's getting away!

    Difficulty: Vigorous. Just don’t slip!

    Reps: 20–25, or 30–35 to really build endurance


    Slyly lower your shades as you pretend to check out a cute babe (or dog) run past you on the beach.

    Difficulty: Simple

    Reps: 5 with right hand, 5 with left hand


    Tuck your toes to your knees after stepping in hot sand!

    Difficulty: Medium rare

    Reps: Any


    Stand as casually as possible. Throw your head back as you burst into faux laughter. (This is of course used to practice flirting with the lifeguards.)

    Difficulty: Fire

    Reps: 3–4 — def don’t want to overdo it here ;)


    Rotate your hands in a counterclockwise circular position while envisioning your crush in front of you as you gently and CASUALLY apply sunscreen to their back. It is important to stay as calm, cool, and collected and possible here.

    Difficulty: Smooth

    Reps: 6 with only right hand, 6 with only left, and 6 with both (don’t want to miss a spot)


    In a squat-like position, analyze the ground beneath your feet as you “search for shells.” For a more advanced version, try jumping for joy after finding a sand dollar.

    Difficulty: Low

    Reps: 1 (hold for 30 seconds, and you’ll feel the burn in no time)

    All images via BuzzFeed / Marjan Farsad