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What It's Like To Enter A Marathon, As Told By Kristen Wiig GIFs

It seems like a good idea at the time. Shit is ROUGH.

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You sign up online thinking it will be a breeeeeeze.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I totally got this... 26.2 miles isn't THAT far."

Cuz you have like plenty of time to train.


So you may procrastinate on your training a teenie bit.

Your friends start asking if you're gonna be ready in time.



Someone at a party tells you they're running a 5k.


And you're all like "I'm actually running a marathon. Sooo."

You finally start to put more effort into your training.


"Well this sure is a time-sucker."

Marathon Eve suddenly rolls around and it's time to carbo-load.


"Now THIS is where I thrive."

The race gun goes off and you're a tad nervous.


"Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into???"

You realize you've only made it 5 miles.

Body parts you never knew you had start chafing and suddenly that's all you can think about.


"Ouuuuch it really huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurtsssssAAaaa!"

Then a volunteer hands you a free gel pack.



Out of nowhere you start losing serious steam.

And you honestly wouldn't be mad if something fell from the sky so that you wouldn't have to finish.

You reach the 13 mile mark and realize you're only halfway there.


"Why did I do this!?!?!"

You start to get super heady and emotional, reflecting on your entire life and the choices you've made.

You daydream about the simpler times.

And blast them beats.


Here's a cool song to run to.

You notice other runners are SUPER committed.

And you remember all the reasons why you signed up for the marathon in the first place.

So you pick up the pace, knowing it will end soon, and that you CAN do this.


"Maybe I could dance my way there!"

You see the finish line in sight, and a mass of strangers are cheering you on.

"They're clapping for me???"

You cross the 26.2 mile mark and are blown-away with physical, mental and emotional FEEELS.

Once home you feel so empowered and in awe of your own two feet.


"I actually did it!"

You think, "maybe I'll do it again one day."

Or perhaps once is enough.

Not ready to run that big race yet? No worries! You can always donate to charities that support marathon runners, like the Association for International Cancer Research for the Paris Marathon, or the Melanoma Foundation for the Boston Marathon.

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