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18 Songs To Give You Life During Your Afternoon Coffee Crash

What time is it? TOE-TAP TIME!

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1. Morning caffeine wearing off?

2. Pick your head up, angel.

3. Open your eyes.

4. Only a couple more hours of work.

5. You got this.

6. Power through!!

7. Tap those toes.

8. Tap em' a little faster.

9. Get lost.

10. And let the music bring you back to life.

11. Bang that head.

12. Sing along.

13. Feel the beat pulse through your bones.

14. Do a little chair dance.

15. Go hard or go home.

16. Keep working hard and keep dreaming.

17. And remember that Hilary Duff is a majestic person that exists in this world.

18. Oops the Spice Girls somehow got in here. Eh, not sorry. Shimmy your way out the door when you leave work.

Like what you hear? Here's the playlist for easy access on tomorrow day:

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