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16 Stock Images That Are Better When Pixelated

Adding a little blur goes a long way. Get your head out of the gutter — this is totally, completely SFW.

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1. "Just doing my morning pushups, nothing to see here."


3. "I get it now!"

4. "God, I love this song."

5. "Something tells me I've stretched too far."

6. "Mornings with bae."

7. "Ready for bed now."

8. "On your left."

9. "So, uh, yeah... Things are really looking up for us this quarter."

10. "Oh dear, I have no idea how that got in there."

11. "Celebrating Casual Sunday with my ladies."

12. "Who taught you this, Jake?"

13. "I always feel like...somebody's watching me."

14. "Lunchtime!"

15. "Best view on planet Earth."

16. "Don't look at me."

All images via Thinkstock.

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