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An Ex–"Love Island" Contestant Discovered His Instagram Was Used For A Trump 2020 Hat — But It's A Counterfeit

Rykard Jenkins was hoping the gaffe would get President Donald Trump to tweet about him so he can secure his next reality show gig. Unfortunately for him, the Trump 2020 team told BuzzFeed News they had nothing to do with it.

Tanya Chen • One day ago



Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

Notaram que estas nuvens eram parecidas demais — e a blogueira de viagem teve de admitir as montagens

"Eu realmente não sei qual é o problema, eu nunca menti a respeito disso."

Tanya Chen • 4 days ago

How To Be Authentic About Faking Your Instagram Photos

We live in a virtual reality of fake skies and Facetune, so at the very least let’s be honest about it? Also, cute kids!

Tanya Chen • 4 days ago

The Influencer Who Admitted To Faking Clouds In Her Instagrams Has Been Offered Work With The Photo Editing Company

Enlight Quickshot, the app Tupi Saravia uses to impose fake clouds into her travel photos, is partnering with her to make more fake cloud patterns.

Tanya Chen • 6 days ago
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Tanya Chen • 8 days ago

Hemorrhoid Wipes And Therapy Quotes: How Influencers Are Growing Their Online Brands

You can't knock an influencer for what he does for his bottom (pun intended) line, on this week's newsletter.

Tanya Chen • 11 days ago

Police Will Not Charge Brooke Houts, The YouTuber Caught Hitting Her Dog In An Unedited Video, With Animal Abuse

"[The Animal Cruelty Task Force] determined it didn't rise to the level of animal cruelty," the LAPD told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen • 14 days ago

Saving The Amazon Rainforest With The Almighty Power Of Self-Promotion

Influencers show us what (sl)activism looks like, plus popular plant-based social media pages. This is the first edition of the Please Like Me newsletter.

Tanya Chen • 18 days ago
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Tanya Chen • 21 days ago

Tiny Desert Towns Around Area 51 Are Stressed About The Viral Facebook Event

"On the county level we're prepared for two to three times the population of the entire county ... Our gas stations will run out of gas, our grocery stores will run out of groceries."

Tanya Chen • 28 days ago

An Influencer Is Defending Her Decision To Post A Photo Shoot Of Her Motorcycle Accident On Instagram

Nashville-based lifestyle blogger Tiffany Mitchell denies her mid-accident photo shoot was staged or sponsored.

Tanya Chen • 29 days ago

The Coachella Woman Caught Dumping Newborn Puppies In The Trash Is Going To Jail

In addition to her one-year sentence, Deborah Sue Culwell will be under seven years of probation, during which she'll be prohibited from owning any animals.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A Yogi Influencer Is Trying To Backtrack And Clarify Her “Weekly Giveaways” After Upset Fans Noticed They Were Not, In Fact, Weekly

After confused fans asked why her “weekly giveaway” didn’t happen this past week, Jessica Olie told BuzzFeed News she had only planned to do “multiple giveaways.”

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A polícia vai investigar a youtuber que se filmou agredindo seu cachorro em vídeo de "pegadinha"

"Em meu coração, eu sei que sou uma boa mãe de cachorro", ela escreveu, em resposta aos críticos. (AVISO: o vídeo tem cenas fortes.)

Tanya Chen • One month ago

Tinder Made A Sponsored Video With A Young YouTuber About Finding Dates On Vacation And It's Raising Safety Concerns

"This whole adventure of finding people on Tinder in Seattle and Portland has been so much fun," Summer Mckeen says in a vlog. "We recommend doing this, honestly."

Tanya Chen • One month ago

President Trump Grinned In A Photo Op With An Orphaned Baby In El Paso

However, the uncle of the 2-month-old, whose parents died shielding him, said his brother was a Trump supporter.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

Police Are Investigating A YouTuber After She Was Filmed Hitting Her Dog In A Prank Video

Brooke Houts denies being a "dog abuser or animal abuser in any way."

Tanya Chen • One month ago