A Photographer Captures The Last Meals Of Wrongfully Executed Inmates

Part of a larger campaign that uses food to change minds.

1. Amnesty International Puerto Rico has fronted a campaign for the exoneration of Death Row inmates by displaying food requested by the wrongfully accused before their deaths. Here were their last meals, photographed by James Reynolds.

2. Ruben Cantu, executed for murder in 1993, presumed innocent in 2005 (then proven innocent in 2010).

James Reynolds / Via jwgreynolds.co.uk

Ruben requested fried chicken and rice.

3. Leo Jones, executed for murder in 1998, even though presumed innocent since 1993.

James Reynolds / Via jwgreynolds.co.uk

He requested steak, eggs, potatoes, and toast.

4. Cameron Todd Willingham, executed for murder in 2004, presumed innocent in 2010.

James Reynolds / Via jwgreynolds.co.uk

Cameron requested tater tots, onion rings, enchiladas, and two slices of pie.

5. David Spence, executed for murder in 1997, presumed innocent in 2000.

James Reynolds / Via jwgreynolds.co.uk

David asked for fried chicken, fries, tea, coffee, Coke, and chocolate ice cream.

6. Claude Howard Jones, executed for murder in 2000, presumed innocent in 2010.

James Reynolds / Via jwgreynolds.co.uk

Claude asked for steak, eggs, toast with jam, and a single sausage.

7. The campaign has also implemented this idea into a “Last Meal Restaurant.” Watch what happened:

8. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

CORRECTION: Cameron Willingham was executed in 2004. An earlier version of this item stated 1994. (10/18/13)

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