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If The Internship Process Were To Be A Shakespearean Play

Applying to an internship surprisingly follows the same trajectory as a Shakespeare play!

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Passion, tears, betrayal and fear - these are just a few terms that one could associate with both Shakespearean plays and the internship application process. Although their subject matters may differ, they both follow similar trajectories and elicit similar emotions from their participants (and viewers)! So if you are mentally and emotionally prepared, come join us in viewing The Internship Process!

Act 1: The Exposition - Ambition / Via

On a warm Thursday night, we find our protagonist displaying his/her new found sense of responsibility by developing a spreadsheet of potential internship opportunities with their respective application deadlines. #ResponsibleAdult #SayNoToThirstyThursdays #Initiative #Slayyyy

Act 2: Rising Action - Fear / Via

After taking a two month break (as a reward for all of your hard work), our protagonist finally realizes that he/she only has one week to submit their application! Therefore, he/she decides to stressfully binge watch every Netflix show ever!

Act 2 (con't): Rising Action - Self Betrayal / Via

*Tick tock, tick tock. Flash forward to the night before the application is due!* As our protagonist rolls into their home after walking back in the icy cold weather from their 7 P.M. class, the fact that they are going to suffer through an all nighter settles in.

Act 2 (con't): Rising Action - Suffering / Via

Tears flowing, hands trembling, and eyes closing - these are all examples of what is physically happening to our protagonist as he/she continues to type away on his/her computer in order to make the deadline that he/she has known about for months. #Dead #NotSlayinnn #HelpMe

Act 3: The Climax - Transformation / Via

There is only one minute left, will he/she hit the submit button on time??? DUN-DUN DUN-DUN, DUN-DUN DUN-DUN...and she/he did it! The button is hit and our hero has beat their first hurdle!

Act 4: Falling Action - Disorder / Via

Whats this? We see our protagonist pulling out his/her hair as he/she sits in frustration. Rereading his/her application has resulted in him/her developing insomnia due to uncertainty in his/her work and whether or not an acceptance letter will even arrive!

Act 5: Resolution - Victory / Via

*Flash forward once more.* An email has arrived for our protagonist, and as he/she remains double minded about opening it, his/her room mate snatches his/her phone away and promptly announce a victory! Our hero has made it!

The End. (Get ready to repeat this process next year because learning lessons about procrastination is for LOOO-SERS)

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