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Upcycle Old Speakers Into A Stylish Table With This Mod DIY

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do.

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2 thrift store vintage speakers

Small handsaw

Sanding sponge

Wood stain

Maximum-strength wood glue
Thrift store chair, or purchase table legs

Angled mounting plate
Hanger bolt (size will vary depending on your table legs)

Gold spray paint


Always use caution when handling sharp objects, and ensure you are in an open space when painting.

1. Remove all the inserts of one speaker, and only the cones from the other, making sure to remove all wires and padding inside both speakers.

2. Sand all sides of the speaker and wipe away dust before applying a layer of wood stain. Your choice of wood stain should vary depending on the natural color of your speakers. We chose a colonial maple finish.

3. Paint the rim of the speakers in a bright, fun color that works with your speakers or decor.

4. Apply another coat of wood stain to all sides of your speakers.

5. Use a heavy duty wood glue, or carpenter's wood glue, to stick the speakers together. Leave overnight and compress together to ensure they are solid.

6. Remove legs from an old chair. If necessary, stain the legs to match your speakers. Once they dry, spray the feet of your legs in gold or silver, and drill in your hanger bolts while they dry.

7. Carefully measure where your angled mounting plates will go and drill in the base of your speakers, screwing the legs in when complete.

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