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10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Ever Produced, Do You Have Any?

The price of these cards will blow your mind away!

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Do you ever look under your bed for treasures? I did so recently and found a binder of Pokemon cards I put away when I was a kid. I did some research online and found that they could be worth quite a bit! When it comes to Pokemon cards, many people would think the most expensive one is Charizard. However, that might not be the case. Below is a list of the most expensive Pokemon cards. Do you have any of them?


#10: Eevee Fan club Promo – CAD 2,630

In 2000, Pokemon Fan Club members could trade 500 points for the prize Eevee holographic card. This card is out of production and not for sale in any theme decks, sets, or booster packs. Normally, out of production items are worth quite a bit. Just think about the newspaper from when you were born! It was printed once and never again. Newspapers with specific dates are actually sold for quite an amount on Ebay.


#9: 24K Yellow Gold Pikachu card – CAD 2,732

To celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the company has released a 24K yellow gold Pikachu card that is 11g in weight. The card is JPY 200,000 + tax, which is approximately CAD 2,732. The card is limited print, and could only be purchased from October 19, 2016 to November 7, 2016. It is the first gold card ever released. Forget about the gold jewelries, invest in this card just like those 24K gold bars!


#8: Masaki Promo set – CAD 2,970

These six cards could be obtained through the Communication Evolution campaign in April 1999 in Japan. Participants had to send either Machoke, Omynite, Kadabra, Graveler, or Haunter card with Bill’s PC in the mail to MediaFactory. Then MediaFactory would send back the evolved form of the Pokemon. The interactive campaign was limited in Japan. Since then, there was no other similar events.


#7: 2010 Master’s Key – CAD 3,163

The card was awarded to the winner of the 2010 national Pokemon card winner. It is extremely limited because there are only 17 copies of this card in circulation. The gold foil stamp below the card text reads “Pokemon World Championship 2010 Japan National Tournament prize card”. This is equivalent to winning a national sporting event where athletes get medals for their achievements. The exclusivity greatly adds to the value of this holographic card.


#6: Japanese Lottery Promo shiny Ho-oh and shiny Lugia – CAD 3, 960

In May and June 2010, 1000 copies of each of these cards was given away via a lottery system. These cards were later printed in the English series and could be obtained from booster packs. However, they have not been reprinted in Japan. The two Japanese cards are extremely limited and worth thousands of dollars.


#5: Poke Dude Daisuki Club Prize card – CAD 4,750

This unnumbered Pokemon card was a lottery prize card distributed to Pokemon Daisuki Club members in Summer 2004. It is unknown how many copies are in existence. The card was not released in English. Very little is known about this card. It depicts a character who does not belong to the Pokemon franchise. Do you have any limited edition products that are crossovers with other brands?


#4: 2010 Illustrator Design Contest Price Cards set – CAD 5,411

These cards feature the winning artworks of entrants for the 2010 illustrator design contest. There are only around 20 sets that exist in the world. They were given to the winners of the design contest to keep as presents. A small number of sets have been sold by the contestants. How would you feel if your drawings are printed on an actual collector's card?


#3: English Base Set First Edition cards – CAD 8,411

The first English Pokemon cards were released in 1997. These cards have a “1st edition” symbol under the picture. Printed by Wizards of the Coast, it was difficult to pull a holographic card in a booster pack of 11 cards. The most famous one in the set is Charizard. As protector sleeves was not a big thing back then, and many children took the cards to school, many of the existing First edition cards are not in mint condition. Thus, this makes mint condition first edition base set Pokemon holographic cards extremely valuable and rare. For Canadians and Americans, these are the cards that you're likely to find under your bed.


#2: Japanese Eeveelution Gold Stars – CAD 8,846

These gold star cards, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, were given out through Pokemon fan club. Players had to exchange points for the cards. They are not long printed. The five cards together are listed for 700,000 yen, which is $8,846 Canadian dollar.


#1: Pokemon Illustrator – CAD 73,040

This card was awarded to winners of the Pokemon card game Illust Artist Contest in 1997. Three entrants received 20 copies of a card that features their illustration, along with a copy of this card. In 1998, there was another competition that awarded this card. In total, only 39 copies were distributed. On November 25, 2016, a buyer in Hong Kong bought the card through eBay auction for CAD 73,040! Just imagine what else could be done with that amount of money......

To sum up, those childhood toys that you have saved up might be worth a fortune! Whether they're wooden toy cars or Pokemon cards, there is a huge market out there with high demand. Can you think of any toys you have that worth a huge amount of money?

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