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Why Venezuelan Arepas Are The Greatest Food That Ever Existed

You know there's no better sight than a plate of freshly made arepas on the table.

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It's totally normal to eat this breakfast dish every day of the week, at any time of the day.

Avila Bistro / Via Instagram: @avilabistro

It's socially acceptable to put abnormal amounts of cheese in them.


It's socially acceptable to put an abnormal amount of literally anything in them.

Noticias Onlinevlza / Via Instagram: @noticias_onlinevzla

bring on everything else!

They're like a pita, except healthier, gluten free, and overall just way better

Grubstreet / Via

You can eat them on the go!

There's a machine dedicated to making perfectly shaped arepas so you don't have to.

The Flama / Via Instagram: @theflama

You can always count on this smiling face on the Harina PAN flour package :)

Her name is Juana and she loves making arepas for el pueblo while dancing merengue

Her name is Juana and she loves making arepas for el pueblo while dancing merengue

Arepas represent all the ladies out there. Like la viuda aka "The widow."

Instagram: @venarepa

La Rumbera, aka the party girl, the arepa you eat after a long night of partying.

noticias24 / Via

La Reina Pepiada, an arepa that literally means Curvy Queen, named after Miss World 1955.


And La Sifrina, aka the stuck up, rich girl that naturally whines everything she says and uses words like "osea."


Reina pepiada+ abnormal amount of shredded cheese.

There's no question that whether you make them on the grill,

Instagram: @costasarepas

Or you fry them up,

Yo le doy con unas mini arepitas fritas, @VacaViejaVzla. #DiaMundialDeLaArepa

Arepas will always be the happiest food to stuff your face with

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