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Welcome to The New Graduate Job Hunting Games: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

The difficulties of landing a job once you graduate.

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Welcome to The New Graduate Job Hunting Games: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

My whole entire life I had to listen to the older generation bash millennials for “having it easy”. Yeah, we may not have immigrated to a new country with only 5$ in our pocket, but the older generation didn’t need 5 years of experience to land an entry level job. Back then, you didn’t need a minimum of 2 degrees to land a good job, or 5+ years of experience just to get your foot in the door. If you are a recent graduate and landed a job right out of school, congratulations you have a dozen or so angles looking over you, but majority of people are not as lucky. The struggle is real, so real that thousands of new graduates are jobless or they landed a job that is not in their field. We live in a society that emphasizes the importance of education, but when we apply for jobs once we graduate, we are penalized for not having any or very little work experience. I am sorry that we spent 4 hard years of our life obtaining an undergraduate degree, and focusing on achieving good grades, and then spending more years in school specializing in something else, because our first 4 years in university were not enough. I am sorry that my generation did not have the time or the skills to work in the field that we want to work in, while being in school to get a degree that you require!

Why are businesses so afraid of hiring someone who is straight out of school? Hiring someone with minimal experience will NOT drive your business into the ground, trust me. Even if you hire someone who has experience, you will still have to train them, maybe not as much, but training is still required. Remember the first job that you landed, remember how amazing it felt that someone had a little faith in you. And now here you are, with X amount of years of experience in your job of choice. We need to stop underestimating new graduates, and just have a little faith. We won’t drive your business into the ground, we promise.

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