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15 Life Skills All Millennials Learned From Their Tamagotchi

Thank you, Original Tamagotchi, for showing us the way.

1. We learned how to be a responsible caregiver.

2. We learned about the importance of consistency.

3. We learned the essential skill of cleaning up our child's poop.

4. We learned that if you want to make someone, or something, happier...provide snacks.

5. We learned how to figure out what our child needs even when they're not able to tell us.

6. And we learned how to nurture our beloved pet children.

7. Some of us even learned to care for more than one at a time.

8. We learned patience, which our current pets still test.

9. We learned how to keep track of the things we love.

10. We learned to accept the consequences of neglect.

11. Our Tamagotchi helped us understand that death is the inevitable conclusion of life.

12. But we also learned that sometimes death could be postponed with care, cleanliness, and enough snacks.

13. We learned how to prioritize someone else's needs over our own.

14. Most importantly, we learned to sleep through notifications.

15. And we learned how to take care of others while still taking care of ourselves.

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