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My Initial Response/Review Of "Get Out" (first Viewing)

I released an article on "Get Out" a few days ago and the response has been great. However, many keep asking where is my initial review, well it was on my Facebook. To keep Facebook requests down I have turned it into another article. Enjoy! THIS IS MY INITAL RESPONSE TO THE MOVIE AFTER WATCHING IT THE FIRST TIME! Also take time to catch my second review as I go deeper breaking down the movie.

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First thing, brace yourself because this will be long. Second, this is MY personal review, thoughts and outlook on the movie "Get Out", so if you have not seen you may not want to read this (there may be spoilers). Third, if you get offended by anything I say in this review then ask yourself the question "why".

1. The father continues to use the saying "my man" and say little things like "thang" with purposes to "relate" to the black character Chris. More times than often white people do this. They may not even realize that they are doing it. For example, when I say something like "girl bye" in my ethnic tone and you repeat it in an ethnic tone, you are mocking me and low key making fun of me. Offensive much? Oh yes!

2. A deer runs into the rode and Rose hits the deer as she is driving. When the police arrive he asks for Chris' license (he was not driving once again). So Rose gets disrespectful to the officer and even curses explaining to Chris that he doesn't have to show his license. However if the shoe was on the other foot and Chris said no to the cop the movie would've ended before it started....another unarmed dead black man. Then when they get back in the car Chris tells rose she didn't have to do that and she says "I ride for my man"...GIRL! 😒

3. The father said "that a boy" to Chris. First off DO NOT EVER CALL A BLACK MAN BOY! Massa used to refer to black men as "boy" so it is very belittling and rude! He then tells Chris he needs to practically do whatever Rose tells him to do, once again back to the plantation days.

4. Symbolism: Chris says "my mother died when I was younger and my dad wasn't in the picture". My black brothers y'all WAKE UP! Take care of ya chilren'

5. The father takes Chris on a tour of the house and shows how his father lost a race to Jesse Owens (a black man) and says how he was really upset about that. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WALTER THE GROUNDSMAN

6. At the weird "show off a negro" "bingo" party the attendees kept saying little things to Chris about how strong he is, they mention Willie Lynch, even one man tells him he knows tiger Woods as if there aren't any other golf players...oh but you mention the black one because of course Chris doesn't know who Adam Scott right? They also even referred to black men having larger penises...interesting.

7. At the party all the attendees had on the color black as if they were attending a funeral.

8. The NCAA prospects reference. I know a few young men who have gotten caught up in a situation where they are sought out and then hit over the head with a rape or domestic charge . Y'all stay woke.

9. The brother (shoutout to Caleb) tells Chris "with your genetic makeup you're a beast" when asking him about UFC. Few things in this you may not have gathered. One he was using the art of intimidation and blaming it on the alcohol. Two back in the slave days white men would fight the stronger black men in a UFC type boxing match on the plantation. Here's the kicker white men could never win against the slaves naturally so they would of course have the slave not hit as hard so they could over power them and win, looking superior in front of their white counterparts to the inferior (the black slave). Third, Hmmm so the genetic make up? Interesting

10. The "bingo"/ auction of Chris. Back in slave days they auctioned off slaves. Back in the day they would put black on display and sell them off to the highest bidders. Slave owners were seeking out the strongest slaves, the most good looking, the ones who had some sort of talent (music, reading, etc). And here comes Rose parading him around to the highest bidder.

11. The blind man who knew of Chris pretending to be his friend, but ended up having a hidden agenda.

12. The man tell Chris "black is in". They were literally taking everything from blacks they want. Whether it be our strength and athletic abilities (Walter), the way we cook and our nurturing(Georgina), our eye for the arts(Chris), our musician skills(Andre), pretty much everything we were basically born with that makes our culture great! So what it is they take what's ours and rename it to claim it as theirs (cornrows:boxer braids, hip hop:edm, soul food:southern comfort, shall I go on?) Y'all stay woke cultural appropriation is very real!

13. The father's very vocal hate for "deers". Shoutout to my hispanics because that was all for y'all. Peep game: he goes on about how they are taking over and coming to our land. Says he wants them all dead and gone. Just watch the news. People are being deported everyday. Y'all stay woke too!

14. This crazy hypnosis bullsh*t is another way of mind control and brainwashing. Claiming she's here to help when in actuality she was mind screwing him into doing whatever they wanted him to do. Y'all wonder why black folks don't want to go to therapy, well this is why. If we show vulnerability then we are afraid we will be taken advantage of and brainwashed into being and believing something that just simply ain't for us. Now I go to a therapist don't get me wrong but she looks like me.

15. Dear white people, telling us you'd "vote for obama a 3rd time if you could" or that you're not racist or you support BLM, is undercover lowkey "disguised racism". To prove that you like blacks without just naturally accepting blacks is in fact racism. No black person cares about if you would've voted for Obama a third time so dude, don't say that to us. To even bring it up tells us you're either 1. Uncomfortable with us and just don't know what to say, or 2. You're low key racist.

16. Rose hitting Chris with the okie doke...I saw that coming. Stay woke!

All and all watch the movie for the hidden messages. I don't think I caught everything but I for sure caught a lot. Once again this ain't for you so save the "tears" and comments. You can't tell me how to feel if you have not experienced being nervous as hell and scared for your life in a room of people who do not look like just can't! This movie was so appropriate for the days we are living in and the month of February.


Stay woke! ✊🏾

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