Without fundraising, nonprofits cannot survive. But convincing funders of all kinds to support a cause needs effective and convincing communication. TakeTwo combines the two critical services that can take an organization from unknown to renown: ...
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  • 10 Things Every Non-Profit Can Learn From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Regardless of the different opinions out there about it, IT WORKED. The organization raised $94.3 million since July, an unprecedented number of people visited their website, and now just about everyone knows the acronym ALS, and many people also know what it stands for. The trend is shifting- from ice water pouring to clever videos on donating without wasting water to donating for other causes - one thing is clear, ALS continues to get more visibility and raise money. What can the rest of us learn from this? What can non-sexy issue, and no-big-names-to-endorse-it non-profits learn about MARKETING & FUNDRASING from all this? Answering questions like these is what we do best. So we’re glad you asked.

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