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    1 May 2017

    The One Plot Hole From "Home And Away" That Has Been Bothering Me For Many Years

    Yes, it's finally time to talk about the Sutherland twins.

    The year was 2000-and something. The Sutherland family was one of the most prominent families in the Bay. Summer Bay, that is.

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    Here's the fam:

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    Introducing the Sutherland twins, Kirsty and Jade. They're obviously fraternal, as you can tell.

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    Now Kirsty and Jade have a tight bond. In fact, they can even feel each other's pain.

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    One time there was a landslide (oh no!) but Kirsty was able to rescue Jade because of their special, telepathic ~connection~.

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    I THINK it was a landslide. I could be wrong. It could've been another natural disaster, fire, plane accident, stalker, bushwalk gone wrong, boat crash, Summer Bay diner explosion, etc. The point is they had a telepathic connection.

    So that's cool. Their weird mind communication helped save each other's lives and shit.


    However, things then started to change a little...

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    *cue some dramatic music*.

    Rhys and Shelley got some news that there had been a disastrous mix-up at the hospital.

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    What could this mean?!?!?!

    That's right: one of the twins was SWAPPED. AT. BIRTH.

    Turns out Kirsty and Jade weren't twins at all... Kirsty, in fact, had an identical twin named Laura.

    Network Seven
    Network Seven


    ***lots of tears, anger, frustration, "why is this happening to me" etc.***

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    "B-b-but..." I hear you murmur.


    I know. I KNOW.

    The telepathic connection right? That twin-thing. That fabled tale that all twins have some sort of mind-reading communication.

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    Network Seven

    I mean, how the fuck, they weren't even related in the end?!

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    Home and Away, I don't think you thought this one through.


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