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    22 Of The Best Tweets About This Season Of "Married At First Sight"

    It's been a real journey.

    1. This accurate representation of Lauren dodging a bullet.

    Lauren .. now she had the right idea right from the get go #9married

    2. As well as this IRL footage of Scarlett's secret-keeping skills.

    Michael: "Hey Scarlett, please don't tell anyone I'm a male entertainer." Scarlett: "MICHAEL'S A STRIPPER!!!"…

    3. This screenshot of the moment Debbie realised she wasn't marrying a Polynesian man.

    The moment she realised he 'was not a Polynesian' #9Married

    4. This reminder than Jonathan gushed about Trump at a dinner party.

    Just when I think I can't dislike Jonathan more, turns out he's a Trump supporter #9Married

    5. This glimpse at Nick whenever Sharon goes on about his "naughty" past antics.

    Sharon: What are you doing? Nick: #9Married @MarriedAU

    6. This reason why we all watch the show.

    I said it at the start and I'll say it again... #9Married making single people everywhere feel better about themselves

    7. This portrayal of Jesse fighting his way through all those doors.

    Jesse trying to get to Michelle. #9Married

    8. This fond depiction of where Deb probably is right now.

    I miss Deb but I'm sure she's in a better place #9Married

    9. And her new reality adventure.

    Rumours today Debbie a confirmed starter for next seasons Maori's at First Sight #9Married

    10. This explanation as to why Nadia probably doesn't want to move for Anthony.

    I wouldn't move from the couch for Anthony #9married

    11. And this clear set of instructions for Nadia.

    Nadia, place life jacket over ur head, inflate the jacket & jump well clear of Anthony. Use the light & whistle 2 attract attntion #9married

    12. This candid picture of the experts at work.

    Experts like Macbeths 3 witches stirring the cauldron rather than helping relationships.#9married…

    13. And this IRL footage of the experts watching every dinner party unfold.

    #9Married @MarriedAU experts be like....

    14. This Oscar-worthy performance.

    #9married. And the Oscar goes to Jonesy for his wonderful portrail of the classic "victim". Good job of making yourself look like an ass.

    15. This truth.

    16. And this.

    The many expressions of Andrew. #9married #MarriedAtFirstSight

    17. This GIF of basically everyone in Australia watching Andrew and Anthony.

    #9Married Watching Andrew & Anthony like ...

    18. This ideal dinner party scenario.

    Can we just have a nice dinner with Alene, Simon, Susan & Sean? Nadia could come too if she ditches Anthony #9Married

    19. This sneak peek at the contents of Jesse's letter to Michelle.

    EXCLUSIVE!!! Jessie's love letter #9Married

    20. This very, very good point.

    How can you take someone seriously who refuses to wear socks with a suit? #9married

    21. This look at expert John Aiken livening things up on what should have been a drama-free night.

    Everyone: There's been no drama John Aiken cartwheels in before landing in a split and waving spirit fingers: DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA #9married

    22. And basically this perfect summary of the goddamn series.

    Lauren left Andrew, who hooks up with Cheryl, who left Jonathan, who hooks up with Scarlett, who left Michael, who marries himself👏#9Married