19 Times Anna Kendrick Perfectly Described Life In Your Twenties

    "Sometimes the best part of the day is imagining what I'm going to eat when I get off work."

    1. When you start creeping towards your mid-twenties and get hit with this stark revelation.

    2. When you learn the true meaning of a good relationship.

    3. When, as much as you pretend to have your "shit together", you really just don't.

    4. When you really start to expect more from social media.

    5. And when you really don't have time for people who don't text or email.

    6. When you know sometimes you just gotta treat yourself...

    7. ... because being in your twenties and trying to sort out your life is tough.

    8. And when you know the full benefits of relaxing and taking your downtime.

    9. When you figure out special occasions really can just be hanging by yourself, with wine and Netflix to keep you company.

    10. When your teen awkwardness is a lot harder to shake off than you ever anticipated.

    11. Like, a lot harder.

    12. When your friends start settling down and getting married but only one thing about weddings interests you.

    13. And when this horrifying thought hits you.

    14. When you realise sometimes it's OK to be proud of your smaller achievements.

    15. And when you come to the point in your life where you just DGAF.

    16. When it's OK to aim high, but not too high, because hey, you're only twentysomething.

    17. And it's easy to start looking forward to the little things in life.

    18. When you really start to figure out what you want in a partner.

    19. And when you truly didn't realise how tiring being an adult was, until moments like this.

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