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    21 Delicious Jamaican Dishes That Are Absolutely Worth Trying

    Anyone else dreaming of living the island life?

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    Mollie Shafer / Via BuzzFeed

    Even though you might not be able to travel to sunny Jamaica right about now, you can still enjoy some of the island's delicious and flavorful cuisine in your own home any time you want. Time to get cooking! 🏝

    1. Jamaican Jerk Chicken

    A plate of Jamaican jerk chicken garnished with fresh peppers and cilantro. / Via

    All of the intense flavor of this popular dish is in the spicy and vibrant sauce that includes tamarind, ginger root, and Jamaican allspice.

    Recipe: Jamaican Jerk Chicken

    2. Ackee and Saltfish with Bammy

    A plate of ackee and saltfish with sliced bell peppers next to a plate of bammy. / Via

    Karamo Brown and his son Jason whipped up Jamaica's national dish in the Tasty kitchen — along with some bammy, a traditional flatbread made from cassava, on the side.

    Recipe: Ackee and Saltfish with Bammy

    3. Jerk Shrimp Tacos

    A plate of four shrimp tacos garnished with fresh cilantro. / Via

    Speaking of jerk, the marinade is versatile so feel free to use it everything from veggies to pork to seafood. Here's a great way to use it with shrimp.

    Recipe: Jerk Shrimp Tacos

    4. Callaloo

    A plate of steamed leafy vegetables known as callaloo with a side of pan-fried plantains. / Via

    Leafy vegetables are the star of this quick dish found throughout the Caribbean. The Jamaican version features callaloo, a member of the amaranth plant family, and can be served with saltfish.

    Recipe: Callaloo

    5. Jamaican Sorrel Punch

    A large bowl filled with Jamaican Sorrel Punch garnished with citrus slices. / Via

    Dried hibiscus gives this tart drink such a beautiful magenta color that you'll want to sip on it year-round, even though it's traditionally served during the Christmas holidays in Jamaica. The best part? It can be made with or without rum!

    Recipe: Jamaican Sorrel Punch

    6. Beef Patty

    Two plates of beef patty pastries with a small dish filled with hot sauce on the side.
    Laura Murray / Via

    This delicious savory pastry is flaky and makes a great snack. Don't forget to break out your favorite hot sauce for dipping!

    Recipe: Beef Patty

    7. Banana Fritters

    A baking sheet pan with banana fritters garnished with slices of fresh banana slices. / Via

    A sweet treat is always a good idea, so try your hand at homemade fritters like these — which are popular in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

    Recipe: Banana Fritters

    8. Oxtail Stew

    A plate of oxtail stew with a side of white rice, garnished with fresh scallions. / Via

    A plate of tender oxtail stew with a side of rice and peas is guaranteed to fill you up — and the perfect dish as we head into the colder months.

    Recipe: Oxtail Stew

    9. Escovitch Fish

    A plate of fried snapper topped with thinly sliced bell peppers and onions. / Via

    Snapper is the fish of choice in this recipe, and the whole fish is traditionally fried. Try this ASAP if you're looking for a dish that is crispy, spicy, and tangy.

    Recipe: Escovitch Fish

    10. Jamaican Rice and Peas

    A plate of Jamaican rices and kidney beans servied with leafy greens, carrots, peas, and plantains.

    Fun fact: The 'peas' in rice and peas are actually red kidney beans. The rice is typically served with oxtail, chicken, or some other protein.

    Recipe: Jamaican Rice and Peas

    11. Curried Goat

    A bowl of Jamaican curried goat with tender chunky potatoes. / Via

    This slow-cooked stew is a popular Jamaican dish that doesn't skimp on the flavor or the spice. Serve with a side of rice or bread to sop up all that glorious sauce.

    Recipe: Curried Goat

    12. Brown Stew Chicken

    A baking dish of brown stewed chicken thighs and legs garnished with a small scotch bonnet pepper and sprigs of thyme. / Via

    Brown Stew Chicken is a hearty meal that get's all of it's great flavor from a thick gravy.

    Recipe: Brown Stew Chicken

    13. Gizzada

    A plate with one small gizzada tart. / Via

    This sweet coconut tart is also found in Portugal, where its called guizada. If you have a sweet tooth, this is perfect for you!

    Recipe: Gizzada

    14. Jamaican Grater Cake

    Five pieces of Jamaican Grater Cake on a marble surface. / Via

    More coconut!! Despite the name, this vibrantly-colored dish is closer to candy than it is cake but it's still tasty.

    Recipe: Jamaican Grater Cake

    15. Solomon Gundy

    A metal serving tray with Solomon Gundy on top of a plaintain tostone.
    Kari Alana / Via

    Solomon Gundy is a Jamaican pickled fish pâté that works great as an appetizer for gatherings or as a snack. This paleo-friendly recipe pairs it with plaintain tostones.

    Recipe: Solomon Gundy

    16. Mannish Water (Goat Soup)

    A bowl of Mannish Water. / Via

    This traditional soup is usually made with offal, but can be made with other parts of the goat — or any other protein you'd like to swap in.

    Recipe: Mannish Water (Goat Soup)

    17. Jamaican Festivals

    Two mini deep fryer baskets filled with Jamaican festivals. / Via

    Many countries around the world have a version of delicious fried dough, and Jamaica is no exception. The island's dumpling is fluffy on the inside with a crispy exterior, and can be served with sweet and savory dishes.

    Recipe: Jamaican Festivals

    18. Pepper Pot Soup

    A bowl of pepper pot soup garnished with minced Scotch bonnet peppers next to a small container filled with more Scotch bonnet peppers. / Via

    In this recipe, callaloo is combined with potatoes and chiles to make a silky vegetarian soup.

    Recipe: Pepper Pot Soup

    19. Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding

    A plate with two slices of Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding garnished with fresh mint and  candied cherries. / Via

    This white sweet potato pudding has the warm flavors of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon, making it a delicious end to a meal — and a great addition to any holiday menu.

    Recipe: Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding

    20. Jamaican Steamed Cabbage

    A plate of Jamaican steamed cabbage, fried plantains and white rice. / Via

    Jamaican steamed cabbage is a great vegan side dish that can be spiced up with scotch bonnet peppers and served alongside just about anything.

    Recipe: Jamaican Steamed Cabbage

    21. Jamaican Hot Chocolate

    A cup of Jamaican hot chocolate topped with a cinnamon stick. / Via

    Also known as chocolate tea, this drink is a Jamaican staple served at breakfast time. Bottoms up!

    Recipe: Jamaican Hot Chocolate

    What's your favorite Jamaican recipe? Share in the comments!