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    16 Delicious Soups From Around The World You Should Try

    It's time to up your soup game.

    Mollie Shafer

    There's nothing quite like a delicious bowl of your soup when lunch or dinner time rolls around. 🥣

    And with the start of soup season upon us, we've rounded up a variety of soups from around the world to upgrade your next soup night. Dig in!

    1. Tanzanian Coconut Potato Soup (Supu Viazi) 🥥 / Via

    Tanzania is a huge producer of coconuts and the fruit is put to great use in this simple but rich soup. It's super filling thanks to the potatoes and creamy broth.

    Get the recipe here.

    2. Italian Ribollita Soup / Via

    This vegetarian-friendly Italian soup is best with plenty of bread of dunking. It also freezes well for leftovers.

    Get the recipe here.

    3. Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup (Ajiaco) / Via

    Variations of ajiaco can be found in Cuba and Peru with different types of meats and aromatics, but this Colombian version focuses on potatoes and poultry. Try your hand at this dish for those nights when you need a bowl of comfort.

    Get the recipe here.

    4. West African Pepper Soup

    You'll find variations of this peppery soup throughout several West African countries, including Nigeria, Liberia, and Cameroon.

    Get the recipe here.

    5. Japanese Miso Soup / Via

    If you've never made miso soup before at home, it's absolutely worth trying. This version only requires a handful of ingredients.

    Get the recipe here.

    6. Portuguese Green Soup (Caldo Verde) / Via

    Get your greens! Collard greens are paired with chorizo, linguiça, or kielbasa for a veggie-forward soup that can be served as an appetizer or as the main meal.

    Get the recipe here.

    7. Russian Pickle Soup (Rassolnik) / Via

    This Russian soup gets it's tart and bright taste from pickled cucumbers and fresh herbs to balance the heartiness of meat and potatoes.

    Get the recipe here.

    8. Belizean Fish and Coconut Stew with Mashed Plantains (Hudutu) / Via

    Plantains serve as a great accompaniment to this creamy fish dish that can also be found in the Garifuna communities of Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

    Get the recipe here.

    9. Greek Chicken Soup with Lemon (Avgolemono) 🍋 / Via

    This is absolutely one of my favorite chicken soups because it feels like summer in a bowl. Eggs give this dish a velvety texture that works well with it's bright flavor. Perfect for lemon lovers!

    Get the recipe here.

    10. Thai Chicken Galangal Soup (Tom Kha Gai) / Via

    This popular Thai soup gets its wonderful fragrance from coconut milk and galangal — a pungent root similar to ginger.

    Get the recipe here.

    11. Vietnamese Bun Bo Huế / Via

    This soup from the Central Vietnamese city of Huế is made from a spicy beef and pork broth that's fragrant and flavorful.

    Get the recipe here.

    12. Ugandan Firinda Soup / Via

    This creamy bean soup only has 10 ingredients and can be made in a Crock Pot— which means it's perfect for busy weeknights.

    Get the recipe here.

    13. Hungarian Fisherman's Soup (Halászlé) / Via

    This soup from Central Europe has a fair amount of both sweet and hot paprika for a punch of flavor and heat.

    Get the recipe here.

    14. Native American (Cherokee) Kanuchi Soup

    Vicky Wasik / Via

    This Cherokee nut-based soup is traditionally made with hickory nuts, but pecans can be used as a substitute.

    Get the recipe here.

    15. Fiskesuppe (Norwegian Fish Soup)

    Saveur / Via

    This hearty dish is commonly found in the northern region of Norway, and can be made with any seasonal fish.

    Get the recipe here.

    16. French Vichysoisse / Via

    This classic French potato and leek soup is not only delicious, it's also versatile since it can be served hot or cold. It's also vegetarian!

    Get the recipe here.