11 Most Ridiculous Uses For Modern Technology

Personal computers, helicopters, shower radios and… selfies. Leave it to us humans to take something genius and make it totally ridiculous. Weird inventors: we salute you.

1. Pointless Apps

You press a button and then something happens.

3. Selfie Taker


For those “forever alone” selfies. This handy gadget will make sure nobody knows you took the photo yourself. FINALLY.

4. Headless Dog Woofer

Pointless? Yeah maybe. Super cool? YUP.

5. Oxygen Maker

We humans like excess, and frankly we want our own air.

6. Solar Powered Hat

You’ll look like a dork, but you’ll be “cool” in the body temperature sense. H8rs to the left.

7. Toilet Speakers

Just….wash your hands, guys.

8. Cat-Scratching Thing

You know, if you want your cat to be as indie as you are.

9. Billboard Belt

When you want to wear your emotions on your crotch.

10. Oversized Earbud Speakers

Are the speakers big or are you SHRINKING?!

11. Pet Rock Kept Alive By USB Power

It doesn’t do anything. It’s a rock.

Taco Bell is actually laser etching onto tacos.

Yup! Taco Bell is laser etching tweets onto taco shells to promote their Doritos Locos tacos finally coming to Canada. If you can laser print onto a taco, why the hell wouldn’t you?

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