12 Obsessions That Society Is Completely Okay With

Being a little obsessive is a-okay. And if there’s one thing you definitely can’t help but be obsessed with, it’s Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch Burrito. #BeefyCrunchBurrito

1. Trying to take the perfect picture with your cat:

stacipaeth / Via instagram.com

2. Watching an entire season of TV in one sitting:

mbauss / Via instagram.com

3. Collecting as many Facebook friends as you can:

immx / Via instagram.com

4. Owning WAYYYY too many pairs of jeans that are basically the same:

erinmcintushy / Via instagram.com

5. Not stopping until your DVR is completely empty:

kimmierocks / Via instagram.com

6. Casually hoarding napkins in your desk:

crubinich31 / Via instagram.com

7. Getting sucked into Wikipedia’s vortexes and never coming up until you know everything about Rappers_who_referenced_Digimon_in_their_lyrics:

a_rhplus / Via instagram.com

8. Finding newer places to wear some bling:

stewed_screwed_and_tattooed / Via instagram.com

9. Collecting wine corks for a craft project that will never happen:

afrikkkahhh / Via instagram.com

10. Doing what you can to get more followers on every social channel:

maria_malinina18 / Via instagram.com

11. Owning every Criterion and showing everyone who comes over every Criterion that you own:

voyagerone86 / Via instagram.com

12. Rereading the same book for the hundredth time:

arabelaespinoza / Via instagram.com

Another thing that society is definitely okay for you to be obsessed with. The Beefy Crunch Burrito.

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