10 Childhood Obsessions That We Never Got Over

Getting older doesn’t mean we stop loving the things we treasured in our youth. And if there’s one thing to add to that list, it’s Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch Burrito. Must.Have.It.Now. #BeefyCrunchBurrito

1. Boy bands:

eriica_anne / Via instagram.com

Our hearts will always go pitter-patter for a group of guys singing about love.

2. Drawing on place-mats:

that_urban_nigga / Via instagram.com

Whenever you give a crayon to any human—whether adult or child—coloring will happen.

3. Collecting comics:

thecomicrevolution / Via instagram.com

We just grow up and get bigger bedrooms with more storage space.

4. Reenacting the books we read as kids:

farinarahmannoodles / Via instagram.com

Imagination is REAL!

5. Playing our favorite video games:

travdegeek / Via instagram.com

Thankfully, the older we get the more options we have.

6. Dominating at board games:

loktagon / Via instagram.com

At first, we just wanted to beat our siblings. And now? Yeah, same exact thing.

7. Picking out the perfect Halloween costume:

dangerousdollie / Via instagram.com

It’s one of the few holidays that gets better with age.

8. Staying up late to watch cartoons:

vanessatessa / Via instagram.com

You don’t have an official bedtime, but you’ll still break it whenever possible.

9. Hoarding cards from our favorite games:

fiddlinfoo / Via instagram.com

Sure, they may disappear in a box or the attic, but our love for them always remains.

10. Seeing every concert we can:

stacymichelle / Via instagram.com

When you’re a fan, you don’t stop being one.

Inspired by the latest thing we just can’t get over. The Beefy Crunch Burrito.

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