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12 Totally Random Parties You Should Throw For No Reason

We are conditioned to think we need a reason to party. Shut that thought down and party for no reason at all! For dish and drink inspiration, tablespoon has your back!

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Reason to Celebrate: If you woke up feelin’ flawless or are just looking too damn good to let it go to waste, then you gotta celebrate — if you got it, flaunt it, baby!

How to Do It: Wear whatever makes you feel fierce, fabulous, and flawless. Red carpets and step-and-repeat walls are a nice touch, and champagne and caviar are definitely necessary. And remember, if you didn’t 'gram it, did it really happen?


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Reason to Celebrate: Sundays are meant for spending time with friends, eating rich, delicious brunch dishes, and seeing how far you can stretch bottomless mimosas. Throw your own Sunday Funday at home by creating your own brunch party.

How to Do It: Wear your Sunday best — bonus points for big Sunday hats. Invite your friends over and tell them to bring their favorite brunch dish or beverage, potluck style. Best part about this party is that brunch doesn’t have to end at 4 p.m.!


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Reason to Celebrate: You love your friends, and life would be totally unBEARable without them. Celebrate your wild sides and party like the animals you are.

How to Do It: Unleash your inner beast with animal onesies or whatever costume brings out your spirit animal. Lap from pools of jungle juice and feast on the carcasses of Animal Crackers and Zebra Cakes.


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Reason to Celebrate: Summer is meant to be spent outside. Enjoy the nicer weather by throwing a backyard BBQ with grilling, games, and good drinks.

How to Do It: First things first: You will probably want to poke around these awesome items you can grill up. Grill up some good eats and then, once the feast is complete, play games like corn hole, backyard bowling, or outdoor chess.


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Reason to Celebrate: Have you ever lost something in your house or apartment and been so put out and beside yourself that you've given up? Don't give up! Buy booze and snacks and make a party out of it, yo!

How to Do It The host of the party offers the guest a prize of comparable value or significance. Everybody comes dressed as detectives, talks in accents, wears monocles, drinks, and searches like bloodhounds. Whoever finds the item wins the prize. Get in touch with your inner Sherlock with these amazing bangers and mash hand pies.


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Reason to Celebrate: You know that feeling you get when the weather starts getting nice out? You feel giddy when you walk outside, and a perma-smile is plastered on your face as the sun soaks your skin. Yeah... Celebrate that feeling, as if you've got ants in your pants, and you're ready to dance.

How to Do It: Go to a park and throw a picnic. Play games like kick the can, hide and seek, red rover, and duck duck goose. Bring fresh fruit, cheese, sandwiches, and this tasty one thousand ants angel food cake.


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Reason to Celebrate: It’s Friday, and you just got paid. Why not throw a classy soiree and celebrate your new income like the classy chap you are. Drink the finest drinks, eat the finest foods, and wear the finest wears, because you’ve got money, honey (even if it’s just for tonight).

How to Do It: Dress like a million bucks, drink with your pinky out, and talk about the stock market as if you know what NASDAQ stands for. Drink and dine like sirs and madams with artisanal charcuterie boards, fancy foie gras, a lobster mac 'n' cheese, and wines older than your grandma.


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Reason to Celebrate: It has been a long and grueling winter filled with TV binges, board games at home, and more bottles of wine and packets of noodles than you would like to admit. Now that spring is here, it's time to get back to your social butterfly ways and celebrate!

How to Do It: Spring is all about color, vibrance, and the regeneration of life. Bring your party to life with colorful place settings and ask that your guests wear pastel-colored attire to make the party pop. Serve up this spring beer cocktail for refreshments and this amazing light spring salad to nibble on.


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Reason to Celebrate: You have a roof over your head. You have air in your lungs. You are alive and living in the most advanced and rapidly growing eras known to mankind. Life is pretty damn awesome, and sometimes you just need to celebrate being alive.

How to Do It: Wear whatever random clothes you want. Play whatever random games you want. Talk in whatever random accent you want. Bring whatever random drinks you want. Eat the random red cups. Listen to whatever random songs you want. Whatever you do, be random, be spontaneous, and be alive.


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Reason to Celebrate: Spring is here, your apartment is dirty, and it’s time to clean up your cavernous living quarters, ditch your hermit lifestyle, and celebrate the reincarnation of your social life.

How to Do It: By cleaning your apartment, of course (it’s bloody brilliant). Everybody brings one item they're willing to exchange for something they find while cleaning your place. You drink sangria and nosh on this buffalo chicken garbage bread while blaring your favorite '90s pop, rock, and hip-hop. Don’t forget to whistle while you work!


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Reason to Celebrate: The sun is out, there's a spring in your step, and it's perfect pool weather. You don't need a specific reason to have a celebration — life is reason enough.

How to Do It: A pool is ideal, but what matters is the vibe of the great ocean. The more your apartment or home looks like an aquarium, pirate ship, or a scene out of The Little Mermaid, the better. Dress as sea creatures or travelers of the sea and talk like pirates. Make some serious waves with this jelly shot gummy fish bowl or some delicious under the sea cookie pops.


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Reason to Celebrate: Your news feed is filled with engagement photos, baby pics, and wedding albums, and you are sooooo glad it isn’t you. If you just saw your ex get engaged, and you’re glad you got away, then celebrate your freedom.

How to Do It: However the hell you want! You're single, you're young, you're beautiful, and YOU ARE FREE. Want to drink boxed wine and eat junk food? DO IT. Want to throw darts at a printout of their profile picture? DO IT. What to scream the lines to your favorite angsty pop songs? THEN DEFINITELY DO IT! You are you, hear you roar!! And who needs an S.O. when you can feast on these pancakes that are better than sex?

For inspiration on what to eat or drink at your next party, head over to tablespoon!