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    31 Reasons Hackney Is The Best Part Of London

    Seriously, pack your bags.

    1. Because Hackney is one of the most beautiful parts of London.

    Flickr: richardchinn

    London Fields

    2. And it's surprisingly green.

    Flickr: 34517490@N00

    Clissold Park

    3. Because we have the best flower markets...

    Flickr: shootingjaydred

    Columbia Road Flower Market

    4. ... the best bakeries...

    Flickr: adjourned

    Broadway Market

    5. ... and the best puddings.

    Flickr: scratch_n_sniff

    Broadway Market

    6. Because walking along the canal is just magical.

    Flickr: rgough

    Regent's Canal, near Broadway Market

    7. Because you can visit the animals at the City Farm.

    Flickr: spektrograf

    Hackney City Farm

    8. And spend an afternoon learning in one of the most lovely museums.

    Flickr: 8592508@N04

    Geffrye Museum

    9. Because you can swim in a heated outdoor lido all year round.

    Flickr: purpaboo

    London Fields Lido

    10. Or in a reservoir, if open water swimming is more your thing.

    Flickr: aidaneus

    West Reservoir, Stoke Newington

    11. Because our pubs are cute.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

    12. And the food is second to none.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    The Brownswood, Finsbury Park

    13. But our cafés are cuter.

    Flickr: alper

    Cooper & Wolf, Chatsworth Road

    14. Because we have one of the cosiest cinemas.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Hackney Picturehouse

    15. And our theatre houses the best pantomime every year.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Hackney Empire

    16. Because the canal is wonderful in the summer.

    Flickr: wirewiping

    Regent's Canal, near Broadway Market

    17. And there are always adventures to be had in the woods.

    18. Because we have the best bars.

    19. And the best Turkish food.

    Flickr: salsaparilla

    Yasar Halim, Green Lanes

    20. And the most beautiful graveyards.

    Flickr: sumlin

    Abney Road Cemetery

    21. Because we serve brunches like this in the park.

    Flickr: 25690635@N03

    Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park

    22. Because who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon here?

    Flickr: matthewblack

    Upper Clapton

    23. Who wouldn't want to drink here?

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Ribeira, De Beauvoir Town

    24. And who wouldn't want to while away the evening here?

    Flickr: aniamendrek

    Dinerama, Shoreditch

    25. Because we have the best curries.

    26. And the best Vietnamese food.

    Flickr: richardchinn

    Tay Do, Kingsland Road

    27. And don't even get me started on our pizzas.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Crate, Hackney Wick

    28. Because our walls change all the time.

    Flickr: bagelmouse


    29. And there's always a new place to discover.

    Flickr: bagelmouse

    Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

    30. And a new bagel filling to try.

    Flickr: thewestend

    Beigel Bake, Brick Lane

    31. Because Hackney is truly gorgeous.

    Flickr: sludgeulper

    Hackney Marshes

    32. And Hackney is home.

    Flickr: chrisdb1

    Hackney Downs

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