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    19 Delicious Ways To Eat Toast That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

    All of these meals are acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    1. Beans on toast, served at literally any time of day.

    Twitter: @whogivesafly

    A true classic.

    2. Or worse, beans and sausages on toast.

    Twitter: @CaitlinDaviesx

    Looks unthinkably gross, tastes indescribably delicious.

    3. But nothing beats cheesy beans on toast.

    Twitter: @chlolouchurch

    This meal cures colds, hangovers, and heartache.

    4. Especially when the cheese is mixed into the beans so it looks gross (but tastes delicious).

    Twitter: @curlsoflove

    Looks like sick on a plate, tastes like heaven.

    5. Beans and ketchup on toast.

    Twitter: @madaleinelee

    Double tomato sauce is the best kind of tomato sauce.

    6. Cheese on toast.

    Twitter: @cn_meg

    There's the kind you make under the grill that goes deliciously crispy. And there's the kind you microwave that goes soggy. Both are equally delicious.

    7. Or its fancier cousin, Welsh Rarebit.

    Twitter: @lovebreadandco

    The ideal pub lunch.

    8. Cheese toasties, which are not to be confused with grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Twitter: @PaulMurphy1111

    Only nans and garden centres make proper cheese toasties.

    9. Dippy eggs and soldiers.

    Twitter: @harrilou

    The cosiest meal of them all.

    10. Heinz tomato soup and toast.

    Twitter: @spoonfulofsugr

    The dream lunch for a sick day.

    11. Spaghetti hoops on toast.

    Twitter: @kyle14smith

    So gourmet!

    12. Tinned tomatoes on toast.

    Twitter: @MarmiteBot

    Weirdly yum.

    13. Jam on toast, a true breakfast staple.

    Twitter: @a55iaafzal

    It's like eating pudding for breakfast.

    14. Marmalade on toast.

    Twitter: @jurph

    It's the most dad of all the toast toppings, but it's also the most delicious.

    15. Or if you're feeling fancy, lemon curd on toast.

    Twitter: @bysarahbaker

    Best served on fancy bread from your local farmers market.

    16. Marmite on toast.

    Twitter: @atouchofverse

    The trick to getting this right is to spread the Marmite thinner than what feels right.

    17. A Full English served with a rack of toast to mop up the leftover bean juice.

    Twitter: @carolwheatcroft

    The most glamorous way to serve toast.

    18. Fried bread, served as part of a fry-up.

    Twitter: @frostybutcher

    Deliciously greasy.

    19. Scrambled eggs and ketchup on toast.

    Twitter: @NicolaHood90

    Food of the gods.

    20. Mushed up boiled eggs on toast.

    Twitter: @riding_red

    So much better than poached egg on toast.

    21. But best of all, simple buttery toast with a proper cup of tea.

    Twitter: @stuartgibson

    The butter should drip onto your plate as you take your first bite.