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22 Undeniable Signs That You Went To An All-Girls School

The world is just a better place without men.

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1. You have absolutely no problem discussing menstruation and sex in incredible detail.

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Shouting, "does anyone have a tampon" across the school gym was perfectly acceptable.


3. Basically, you have absolutely no need for privacy of any kind.


At school, you would just get changed in the middle of the classroom if your changing rooms were too cold and scream, "OMG DON'T COME IN SHE'S NAKED" if a male teacher approached.

4. Because you grew up without any boundaries.

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You find it weird when adults can't talk about gross things because you'll happily discuss anything with your friends.

6. And you could turn a school uniform from drab to fab within a matter of minutes.

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The moment the school bell rang, you rolled up your skirt, rolled down your socks, and stuck your thumbs through your jumper's thumb holes ready for your walk to the bus stop.

7. Getting on the school bus was the highlight of your day.


If you were lucky, your school shared a bus service with the local boy's school so it was where you met boys for the first time.


10. And if your school hosted discos with the local boys' school, the girls and boys stood on opposite sides of the room for the entire affair.


13. And you stuck to the principle that if enough people continued to break a uniform rule, your teachers would probably stop enforcing it.

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You believed that if enough of you untucked your shirts it would eventually become acceptable.

15. Your sixth form common room had a dedicated Man Wall.

One of your cork notice boards was filled with pictures of men ripped out of magazines.

16. You knew how to turn the smallest nugget of information into the juiciest gossip ever, especially if it contained any romantic details.

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"Omg Max smiled at Charlotte on the school bus last night WHAT CAN IT MEANNNNN?"


18. And also at consoling anyone who locked themselves into the toilet in floods of tears.


This happened practically every lunchtime, so you became very used to dealing with it.

19. You always got your mum to write you a sick note for swimming on period days.

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And if your teacher ever dared suggest that you could just start using tampons, you were well and truly scandalised.

20. You learnt everything you know about sex from the first girl in your year to lose her virginity.

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She became the de facto expert on everything to do with sex.

21. Because girls are more efficient than boys, being surrounded by them made you an expert at power revising, power shopping, and power stalking.

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Working together, a group of girls can revise for a GCSE mock exam in a single free period, buy an entire going out outfit in a single lunch break, and find out everything about a person in just 10 minutes.

22. But the best thing about your school experience was that it never occurred to you that you can't do exactly what you want to do.


And tbh, since you started working with men you have started craving the efficient atmosphere that an all-female environment creates.


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