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    23 Sad Meals Every Vegetarian British Person Has Suffered Through

    Sooo many goat's cheese tarts.

    1. A Sunday roast that is literally just carbs and veg.

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    It's tasty while you eat it, but then you just feel bloated.

    2. Especially if you've got it from a carvery.

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    Eating a veggie carvery is especially sad because you have to eat your meal in a room that smells of sweating meat.

    3. Coleslaw in a jacket potato.

    Twitter: @Jemsky_x

    When the jacket potato van runs out of beans and cheese, this is your only option.

    4. Chip shop chips with spring rolls.

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    The beigest of Friday night dinners.

    5. A Full English breakfast that's not so full.

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    There's nothing worse than a caff whose idea of a veggie full English is just a regular full English without the meat.

    6. A Yorkshire pudding filled with nothing but beans.

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    This. Is. Not. A. Meal.

    7. A sad cheese-and-onion toastie from the garden centre.

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    The toastie itself is fine, it's just that you'd like options.

    8. A sad cheese-and-onion sandwich from the supermarket.

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    Veggie meal deal options run out fast, and someone's always left with a mayonnaise-y cheese-and-onion sandwich.

    9. A sad cheese-and-onion pie from a van.

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    Again, if you only ate this once in a while it would be fine. The problem is that it's your only option.

    10. A sad cheese-and-onion pasty from the train station. Can you sense a theme here??

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    We eat more than just cheese-and-onion. Honestly.

    11. The killer triple carb from a supermarket cafe.

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    For some unknown reason, the only filling veggie option in supermarket cafés is macaroni cheese, chips, and garlic bread. It's delicious, of course, but needlessly stodgy.

    12. The classic pub lunch goat's cheese tart.

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    If you don't like cheese and you're a vegetarian, best of luck to you.

    13. Cauliflower cheese as a main.

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    For some reason, vegetarians pretend this is an acceptable main. But it's not.

    14. Lukewarm chips from Chicken Cottage while your drunk friend gets delicious-smelling fried chicken.

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    15. A portobello mushroom pretending to be a burger.

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    Expecting us to pay £11.99 for a mushroom in a bun is robbery.

    16. A mushroom risotto.

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    This is why you can never go on Come Dine With Me.

    17. An overcooked Quorn sausage prepared on a barbecue by a meat eater.

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    You just don't need to cook Quorn for as long as meat. Please take note, meat eaters.

    18. Pineapple and cheese on a stick as a canapé.

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    We're older than 7. Give us more options.

    19. More wine, while everyone else eats.

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    There's a reason we're always the drunkest.

    20. More wine, because the meat eaters made the most of the sharing plates and ate all your food.

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    You'll still be expected to split the bill, though.

    21. A sad packet of ready salted pub crisps, while everyone else gets pork scratchings and scotch eggs.

    22. Or worse, a pickled egg.

    23. And of course, a stuffed pepper.

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    It's our holy food.