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18 Reasons People Who Put Mayonnaise On Their Chips Are Right

Mayo > ketchup.

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1. Everyone who has a sense of taste should know that mayonnaise is the best condiment to eat with fries.

Instagram: @pclavij


2. And anyone with half a brain knows that the proportion of mayo:fry should be roughly 50:50.

Instagram: @misformaddie

If your fry is soggy because it has so much mayonnaise on it, you're doing it right.


11. Nothing beats kebab shop fries and mayo at the end of a night out.

Instagram: @ayeemwhy_

The more vinegary the mayo tastes, the more it will satisfy your drunk cravings.


14. And if you've been to Holland, you'll appreciate that this is the world's greatest invention.

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All takeout chips should come like this tbh.

16. ...or have come straight out of a freezer bag...

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17.'ll eat them with mayonnaise forever.

Instagram: @sturkenboom_11

Because mayonnaise is the best.