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    18 Reasons People Who Put Mayonnaise On Their Chips Are Right

    Mayo > ketchup.

    1. Everyone who has a sense of taste should know that mayonnaise is the best condiment to eat with fries.

    2. And anyone with half a brain knows that the proportion of mayo:fry should be roughly 50:50.

    3. It's not that you're against ketchup. It's just that, given the choice between ketchup and mayo, you'd always opt for mayo.

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    There's no competition really.

    4. The best fry + mayo combination is undoubtedly soggy chip shop chips with a massive dollop of mayonnaise.

    Twitter: @Gavindr86

    It's unbeatable.

    5. But you're not opposed to a fancier fry with a fancier mayonnaise either.

    Twitter: @vegetarian_club

    As long as you're eating mayonnaise with your fries, you don't care.

    6. You'll happily eat Sriracha mayonnaise with triple-cooked chips.

    Twitter: @FinchandFifth

    It's OK to be fancy sometimes.

    7. You'll wolf down a portion of sweet potato fries with avocado mayo.

    8. But even though you appreciate the finer fry, you're never snobby about the form your fries and mayo take.

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    Quite frankly, anything will do.

    9. You'll always be partial to a portion of McDonald's fries with mayonnaise.


    You may even sneak some of the sachets home with you.

    10. And the humble chip shop chip and mayo bap will always be your favourite.

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    Why change a good thing?

    11. Nothing beats kebab shop fries and mayo at the end of a night out.

    12. And although chips covered in mayonnaise and gravy looks gross, it tastes delicious.

    Twitter: @KatieR22

    Soggy, soggy chips = yummmmmm.

    13. Oven chips + mayo is a delicious weeknight dinner.

    Twitter: @yasminhaydi

    It's the best meal to eat if you're getting in late.

    14. And if you've been to Holland, you'll appreciate that this is the world's greatest invention.

    15. So whether your fries are fancy...

    16. ...or have come straight out of a freezer bag...

    17.'ll eat them with mayonnaise forever.