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19 Important Questions ‘00s Girls Have For Teens Today

Do you worry that thick eyebrows will go out of fashion? Because sperm brows did and we didn't see that one coming.

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1. First things first: How come you're so well dressed?

how teen celebs dressed when i was growing up vs how they dress now

Teens are ~supposed~ to go through an awkward fashion stage, but you seem to have missed the memo.

2. And how did you learn to do your make up so well?

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

Our routine was simple: one inch of foundation over the face, followed by one inch of eyeliner around the eyes, and then a layer of lipgloss on and around the lips to finish. But yours actually looks... nice?

3. Do you appreciate how hard it was to take selfies in the '00s?


Either we had to hold our webcam at a jaunty angle above our heads, or we had to point our digital camera at the mirror in the bathroom. Neither situation was ideal.


8. What about these jeans?


13. Is flirting really stressful now? Because we just had MSN and tbh that was stressful enough.


All we had to worry about was our mum walking into the room while we were on webcam and the person we were talking to finding out that we actually had a family.

15. Does being a reality TV star still seem fun?

Channel 4

Because when we were teenagers, going on Big Brother seemed like the most fun ever. But now reality stars have to promote tea that makes you poo on Instagram, which doesn't seem fab.


18. Surely you don't hate Uggs?

19. And finally, the main thing our parents said to us in the '00s was "you're not going out like that." But you've nailed appropriate clothing. So what do they say to you??