This Is What The "Popstars" And "Pop Idol" Finalists Look Like Now

    Get ready for a long trip down memory lane.

    1. Myleene Klass

    Then: Myleene became a member of Hear'Say, the winning Popstars band. An alleged fight between Myleene and Kym resulted in Kym leaving the band.

    Now: After Hear'Say broke up, Myleene released two classical music albums. Since then she has done some stage acting, some presenting work, and some modeling. She famously appeared on I'm A Celebrity in 2006, she presents a daytime radio show on Smooth FM, and she is well known for doing lots of charity work.

    2. Suzanne Shaw

    Then: Suzanne was a member of Hear'Say.

    Now: Since the band broke up, Suzanne has worked as a model, TV presenter, and West End actress. She won Dancing on Ice in 2008 and had a longstanding role on Emmerdale.

    3. Noel Sullivan

    Then: Noel was, without a doubt, the sexiest member of Hear'Say.

    Now: Noel works as an actor and singer. He has done some television work, but he mostly works in musical theatre. He is still releasing new music.

    4. Kym Marsh

    Then: Kym was a member of Hear'Say, but she quit in 2002 and was replaced by Johnny Shentall.

    Now: Kym had a brief career as a solo singer, and she appeared on Popstar to Operastar in 2010. She's played Michelle on Coronation Street since 2006. Her daughter Emilie (the one who she kept a secret during Popstars) entered The Voice last year. Unfortunately she didn't get through.

    5. Danny Foster

    Then: Danny was a member of Hear'Say.

    Now: Danny did a few reality TV shows, including Trust Me: I'm a Beauty Therapist, but he mostly performs with his soul and Motown band. He unsuccessfully entered The Voice in 2013.

    6. Michelle Heaton

    Then: Michelle made it to the top 10 of Popstars and ended up forming Liberty X, a band consisting of the five contestants who didn't get into Hear'Say. The band reformed for The Big Reunion in 2013.

    Now: Since Liberty X broke up, Michelle has done some television presenting and appeared as a contestant on lots of reality shows, including Celebrity Big Brother. She is now a healthy eating and fitness expert and she runs her own weight loss business.

    7. Jessica Taylor

    Then: Jessica was a member of Liberty X.

    Now: Since the band broke up, Jessica has done a lot of modeling and reality TV work. She came third on Dancing on Ice in 2009.

    8. Tony Lundon

    Then: Tony was a member of Liberty X.

    Now: Tony works as a senior producer at a social media and analytics company.

    9. Kelli Young

    Then: Kelli was a member of Liberty X.

    Now: Kelli made a few TV appearances after the band broke up, and she's now touring with them again.

    10. Kevin Simm

    Then: Kevin was a member of Liberty X.

    Now: After the band broke up, Kevin continued working as a solo artist. Last year, he even ended up entering (and winning!) The Voice. He is now releasing new music.

    11. Cheryl Tweedy, now Cheryl

    Then: Cheryl became a member of Girls Aloud, the winning girlband from Popstars: The Rivals.

    Now: Cheryl had a super successful solo career: She's the only British female artist to have had five solo number ones. She also became a judge on The X Factor and has done a lot of charity work.

    12. Nicola Roberts

    Then: Nicola was a member of Girls Aloud.

    Now: Nicola has also enjoyed success as a solo artist. In 2008 she released a make up line for pale people, and she has been involved with a lot of anti-tanning and anti-bullying activism. More recently, Nicola has written songs for Little Mix.

    13. Nadine Coyle

    Then: Nadine was a member of Girls Aloud.

    Now: Nadine had a few solo hits and has worked extensively as a model.

    14. Kimberley Walsh

    Then: Kimberley was a member of Girls Aloud.

    Now: Since Girls Aloud, Kimberley has focussed mostly on acting and modeling. She's done television, film, and theatre work and she has also released some solo music. Kimberley has done a lot of charity work and she also took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2012.

    15. Sarah Harding

    Then: Sarah was a member of Girls Aloud.

    Now: Sarah has done a lot of modeling work, she's done a bit of acting, and she's released some solo material too. Last year she was a contestant on reality TV show The Jump.

    16. Javine Hylton

    Then: Javine didn't make it into Girls Aloud, but launched her own solo career.

    Now: Javine had a few solo hits and she represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. She's done a few reality TV shows and she had a very public feud with Jamelia when MC Harvey left Alesha Dixon, Jamelia's close friend, for Javine. Javine and MC Harvey have since broken up.

    17. Keith Semple

    Then: Keith was a member of One True Voice, the winning boyband from Popstars: The Rivals. They were beaten to the Christmas no. 1 slot by Girls Aloud.

    Now: Since One True Voice broke up, Keith has been a member of two other bands: 7th Heaven and SEMPLE. He has also auditioned for American Idol and the American series of The Voice. He is currently recording new music with SEMPLE.

    18. Matt Johnson

    Then: Matt was a member of One True Voice.

    Now: After One True Voice, Matt was in an indie band called State Warning and he did a couple of reality TV shows. When they broke up he started touring as a soloist, and he even supported Westlife and the Sugababes on tour. He'll be releasing an album later this year.

    19. Daniel Pearce

    Then: Daniel was a member of One True Voice. Allegedly, the other members heard that Daniel was quitting the band when he sold the story to The Sun.

    Now: Years after leaving One True Voice, Daniel entered The X Factor, back when his former Popstars: The Rivals contestant Cheryl was a judge. He's worked on some solo stuff and he's now in a band called Shuffler.

    20. Anton Gordon, now Anton Romero

    Then: Anton was a member of One True Voice.

    Now: Years after One True Voice broke up, Anton unsuccessfully entered The X Factor. He is now recording solo music.

    21. Jamie Shaw

    Then: Jamie was a member of One True Voice.

    Now: Jamie works as a personal assistant on Doctor Who at the BBC.

    22. Will Young

    Then: Will Young won the first series of Pop Idol.

    Now: Will has had a hugely successful music career, having sold over eight million albums. He has also acted in films, on stage, and on TV and he has done a whole bunch of charity campaigns and reality shows.

    23. Gareth Gates

    Then: Gareth came second to Will in the first series of Pop Idol, despite being the favourite to win. He lost his virginity to glamour model Jordan when he was a finalist on the show.

    Now: Gareth had a very successful solo career, and he has also taken on some huge musical theatre roles. He has done a lot of work for the British Stammering Association and he even set up his own school for people with speech impediments. Gareth has appeared on reality shows including Dancing On Ice and The Big Reunion, where he formed a band with Kenzie from Blazin' Squad and Dane Bowers. He now runs a coconut tea company.

    24. Darius Danesh, now Darius Campbell

    Then: Darius was a considered a joke act on Popstars, but then regained respect when he came third in the first series of Pop Idol.

    Now: After Pop Idol, Darius released "Colourblind", which was an absolute banger. Since then he released a few more songs, wrote a book, and had a very successful career on the West End. He was on Popstar to Operastar and Hollyoaks and he recently appeared in the West End show Funny Girl alongside Sheridan Smith.

    25. Zoe Birkett

    Then: Zoe came fourth in the first series of Pop Idol.

    Now: Zoe released a few singles after Pop Idol and she had a successful stage career on the West End too. In 2013, she went on Big Brother and she now runs a performing arts academy in Darlington.

    26. Hayley Evetts

    Then: Hayley came fifth on the first series of Pop Idol. Prior to that, she had auditioned for Popstars.

    Now: Hayley has done some television presenting and stage acting work. She entered The X Factor in 2012 and recently withdrew from representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest due to a knee injury.

    27. Michelle McManus

    Then: Michelle won the second series of Pop Idol.

    Now: Michelle released a couple of singles followed by a healthy eating DVD. She's done some television presenting, a few musical performances, and she writes a column for The Glasgow Evening Times.

    28. Mark Rhodes

    Then: Mark came second on the second series of Pop Idol.

    After Pop Idol, Mark released a single with Sam Nixon, the contestant who came third. They went onto become successful TV presenters on CBBC. He has also been on Dancing On Ice.

    29. Sam Nixon

    Then: Sam came third on the second series of Pop Idol.

    Now: Sam is a TV and radio presenter with Mark Rhodes. He also ended up marrying Stitch Up! presenter Anne Foy from CBBC.