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    Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    39 Pictures That Prove How Close The Spice Girls Are

    "Goodbye my friend, it's not the end..."

    1. Even though the Spice Girls broke up 16 years ago (I know, I know), it's safe to say they're still a pretty tight group.

    2. Whether they're cooking together...

    Still teaching @GeriHalliwell how to cook, starting with the basics. @MelanieCmusic

    3. ... getting wasted at music festivals together...

    4. ... or just catching up over dinner and drinks...

    @GeriHalliwell now I got if right!! Great dinner love you sista G

    5. ... they can't get enough of spending time together.

    6. They'll always support each other through important events like christenings.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    That's Victoria arriving at Geri's daughter Bluebell's christening. Both she and Emma are Bluebell's godmothers.

    7. And awards ceremonies.

    Ian West / PA WIRE
    Getty Images

    8. And birthdays.

    9. Even if they can't resist spending the night taking selfies together.

    10. Because when you've known each other since you were teenagers...

    Joel Ryan / PA WIRE

    11. ... when you've virtually grown up together...

    Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

    12. ... it's nice to know that you've got friends who'll always have your back.

    13. Friends who make everything seem brighter.

    14. Who'll always be thrilled to see you.

    15. Who'll always be ready for a night out with a bottle of tequila.

    My beautiful girl @MelanieCmusic love you! Tequila!!!

    16. Because if there's one thing the Spice Girls were all about it was female friendship.

    17. And it's pretty safe to say that this lot will never not be friends.

    18. They'll always be there to brighten each other's days.

    19. To help each other out when they need it.

    20. And to reminisce on the good, old times together.

    21. And they pretty much always slip back into old habits.

    22. Which just proves how strong their bond is.

    Me and my gorgeous girl @melaniecmusic

    23. Whenever they have an excuse to get back together, they grab it with both hands.

    Ahhhhh this is us all scrunched up in 1 black cab at the Olympics I love my girls

    24. Because friendships like theirs are pretty hard to come by.

    Rehearsal time for the Olympics I love takin picture myself hahaha

    25. And they know how precious they are to each other.

    26. They'll always make time for nights out with new friends.

    Love these ladies @KatyB @EmmaBunton @sportrelief #SRworldcup #girlpower

    27. And they'll jump at the chance to share their experiences with young women.

    28. But they know that nights in with old friends are obviously the best.

    29. Because these ladies know each other inside out.

    You ready @RegentStreetW1 ?! #2become1 #BabyandSporty

    30. They know each other better than anyone else.

    Bringing girl power to @OfficialDamage gig!

    31. And no one's ever going to understand them quite like they understand each other.

    32. They'll always have the nights out together.

    😍😍😍RT @jodieharsh: @OfficialMelB @MelanieCmusic fun times on Saturday πŸ’‹πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰

    33. They'll always have the best boozy lunches together.

    On @loosewomen then girls who do lunch and a cheeky cocktail!!! Uh oh!

    34. And they'll never forget all the memories they've shared.

    Doug Peters / Getty Images

    35. I mean, just look at these two.

    Guess who I'm hanging with tonight?

    36. They're absolute friendship goals.

    37. Nothing else comes close.

    Had an amazing night and even got to catch up with @timminchin

    38. So please remain friends forever, ladies.

    39. Because you really are the best.

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